Kye 9 Year and Tess 4 Year Well Check Ups

Kye turned nine in March. His 9 year check up happened to fall on the same day as his school field trip to Jacksonville Zoo. When I called to reschedule his appointment the soonest one they… View Post

Leaving the Hospital with Spear

It was SO wonderful having everyone together! We didn’t have a set in stone plan for things but once everyone arrived we talked it through and decided Mr. Rusty and Casey would head back with… View Post

Meeting Spear

I will go ahead and get my big regret moment out of the way right at the start. Neither Zach or I thought to ask a nurse to come in and video tape the kids… View Post


Mama E had her time with Spear until close to 9:00 am. During their time together I focused my efforts and energies on getting ready for the big day ahead. As soon as Spear got… View Post

40 Hours

After Spear was born there was a bit of awkwardness in dealing with decision making. Right away so many questions were asked regarding his care and I always tried to defer to Mama E. The… View Post