Halloween 2014

Last year Casey and Jordan hosted the first annual Halloween party at their house! It was also when they announced their pregnancy with Carter πŸ™‚ SO crazy how much changes in one year! Now he’s here and healthy and has a little cousin Tess who is also here and healthy. We are truly blessed πŸ™‚

This year we did the party on the day prior to Halloween. It was a tough time for me with Tess as she was having so many issues…mainly refusing the bottle. Normally at such an event I’d pump and take a bottle and feed the baby there and it’d free me up to enjoy the other kids/party guests/etc. Instead I opted to nurse Tess at the party to avoid bottle issues. Instead it caused other issues. Nursing takes time and patience and when you’re at a party and everyone is kinda waiting on you to finish nursing…you tend not to have patience and not want to take the time it takes. I rushed the feeding which resulted in a disastrous evening for Tess. Lots of fussiness and crying and it was just not the best situation. It was more proof for me that I’m just a mama who needs to have a baby take a dang bottle!!! 

Other than the Tess issues…it was a GREAT party! I love love LOVE that Casey gets so into themes (a girl after my own heart for sure!) and everything was adorable and so fun!!!

Cupcake liner wreath…isn’t that adorable?

I made some Halloween bark this year. SO easy!!! And because I don’t like chocolate covered food…it was easy for me to resist πŸ™‚

You can see the recipe here! It’s a great one for kids to help!

Casey made these adorable ghost brownies!

Our crew

Tess haha

We did another costume contest this year and Big Daddy was the judge πŸ˜‰

Colt and Payton had practice (Colt played football this season and Payton cheered) so they weren’t able to come to the party but Courtney still came by and even dressed up. 

Jolee was a prisoner, Cheryl was a cop, and Mema was Judge Judy (which is fitting as Mema’s name is Judy)

Aunt Debby

The Bacon’s were paper, rock, scissors!

Mrs. Charlotte and Mr. Rusty were salt and pepper πŸ™‚ I adore this!

I can’t remember what Big Daddy and Little Mama were dressed as? Big hat wearers?

The Fab Five lookin’ fly πŸ˜‰

Aunt Karen loves the babies!

The costume contest was totally rigged. I mean we alllll know Big Daddy is obsessed with Judge Judy. The man literally believes he could practice law because he’s watched so many episodes. So it was not a shocker when Mema’s crew won the contest! We were robbed πŸ˜‰ 

We missed Colt and Payton but the kids still had a great time and we are SO blessed at how well behaved our children are. We were dealing a LOT with Tess and Kye and Britt were angels. It’s great that they are at ages where we can trust them and not have to be watching their every move. It’s also great that they are truly becoming buddies and enjoy playing together so nicely!

Backyard football games soon took place!

Britt and Zach had some seriously sick plays πŸ˜‰

Cheerleaders πŸ™‚

Snacks and crafts equal happy kids!

We had a great time at the party and it got us all in the mood for Halloween! Halloween fell on a Friday this year and it happened to be the same Friday as the BIG football game. Every year our two high school teams play each other in the Winnersville Classic. It’s insane. Like tickets sell out insane. Like you don’t wanna take small children b/c fights often break out insane. It’s so insane that our town MOVED Halloween because it conflicted with the game. Yes. A national holiday. They moved it! Most of the town trick-or-treated on Saturday November 1st. Including our neighborhood.

Um. Not only is Nov 1st not Halloween but it’s also MY birthday. I was not gonna do trick-or-treating on my 30th bday haha. Luckily a neighborhood across from ours still celebrated Halloween on actual Halloween. So we were able to trick-or-treat. Honestly, not many of the houses participated. Because they were all at the BIG game haha. But since we have such young kids they didn’t mind or notice the lack of participation in passing out candy πŸ™‚

We parked at a friend’s house (thanks Julie!) and busted out the double stroller to do some walking. We went during Tess’s nap and had her sleep in the car seat and planned to spend about 2 hours trick-or-treating. It was also a chance to put our stroller stand to use! It’s the Baby Jogger Glider Board and it worked awesome! Kye was able to stand up and ride when he needed a break from walking and the girls were good to go in the main seats of the stroller. We LOVE our City Mini!

Not the biggest fan of trick-or-treating haha

G-Mama attended the BIG game but came with us for a bit before kick-off

The kids were ADORABLE and really, truly had a great time. They stuck together and were super polite which made me proud. At one house a big group of older kids all ran up and kinda pushed our kids aside and I just watched to see what would happen since Kye and Britt had been there first. Britt didn’t even hesitate. She said “excuse me, excuse me” to the big kids and got back up to the front. Girl isn’t afraid to stand up for herself!

Tess napped on and off but was quiet and content the whole time!

When we got home we went through all the candy and got rid of things that weren’t okay for them to eat. Growing up my mom never let us eat the candy as we were trick-or-treating. We had to wait and have her do a “candy check” first. So I naturally do the same thing with my kids. We let each kid pick a piece of candy to eat that night. Kye was smart and picked a MASSIVE bag of M&Ms haha. 

Pretty good stashes!

We had a wonderful time for Halloween! It was so fun watching the kids having fun together. It was Britt’s first year really “getting” it and she had such a great time!

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