Gramma’s Story of Kye’s Birth

Through Gramma’s Eyes

After Kye was born, Emily had asked if I would like to write a blog entry as a new Gramma. It took me a year to finally sit down and write it but the memories are as vivid in my mind as if it all happened yesterday. Here are my thoughts and feelings of that most incredible day.

A year ago today was the day of my first born grandson’s birth! It was a day full of so many emotions…anxiety, worry,fear, relief and elation! From the moment Emily and Zach announced that they were expecting a baby, I began dreaming and planning my life as a Gramma. Everyone…and I mean EVERYONE (family, friends, neighbors, my students, my students’ parents, cashiers, even perfect strangers)…knew that I was SO excited for this next stage in my life.

It all began on a regular school day in my fourth grade classroom. Cell phones are not allowed to be on during the school day, however, I had received approval from administration to have mine on in case Emily called to let me know she was in labor. My students were well aware of my plans to leave school the minute I received that anticipated phone call. When my phone rang not only did I scream but my students hooted and hollered knowing that it must be Emily calling. Sure enough, Emily…my little girl…announced that she was in labor! As quick as a flash, I dashed out that school door (announcing the news to everyone in my path) and headed up 95 on my way to Georgia!

For the first three hours of my trip I was updated through text messages of Emily’s progress. It was very hard for me to stay within the speed limit. I just HAD to be there to give my baby girl a hug before she became a grown woman. It broke my heart when I got a phone call that said Emily had asked for me. An hour away, I felt helpless and so sad that I wasn’t there. My foot hit the pedal! As I’m zipping past one car after another I suddenly heard a horn honking like crazy at me. Not wanting to take my eyes off the road, I quickly glanced to my right and there in the car beside me was my son Brandon and his fiance Chrissy!!! They later commented that they were surprised my little car actually went that fast!!!

By the time I arrived at the hospital, it was too late to give Em a hug. She had begun pushing. Again, I just HAD to know that she was okay and that she knew I was there. Every person in a hospital uniform that strolled through the door that separated the birthing room from the waiting room was quickly approached by me. I didn’t rest until someone assured me that Em knew I was there…well, I really didn’t rest at all for the next several weeks…but I did feel a slight sense of relief.

Pacing in that waiting room, not knowing what was going on, made me very nervous. Emily is my baby girl and to know that she had to go through childbirth worried me. As her mother, I always tried to protect her from pain and knowing I had NO control over this situation made me very anxious. I felt so out of control. At one point, I gathered everyone in the waiting room into a circle and led them in prayer for Emily and Clover. Time went by soooo slowly.

Finally, Zach appeared in the doorway grinning from ear to ear. I’ll never forget how he looked that day…a baseball cap backwards…so cute. We bombarded the poor guy (especially me!) with questions: “Is Emily okay?” “Is the baby okay?” “What is it?” Zach excitedly filled us in, answered all of our questions (except for the “what is it?” one) then escorted us back to where our surprise awaited us.

The moment I saw my beautiful daughter smiling and holding her newborn baby in her arms, I felt a new connection with her. A connection only a mother and daughter can share…the joy of giving birth and becoming a Mom. Emily was glowing. Her smile lit up the room, I was so proud of her. My heart filled with so much joy and love. It’s impossible to explain how much love I felt for her at that moment. I couldn’t stop kissing her and telling her how proud I was of her.

As Zach prepared to introduce my grandson to us, the room became still and completely quiet. My heart was pounding so far. At that point, I didn’t care whether Clover was a girl or a boy. All my worries and fears were gone. Zach announced proudly that their baby was a boy…Candler Kye Parker. Emily sweetly stated, “we’re going to call him Kye.” What was the first thing I said???? “Hi Candler!” I screwed up right off the bat. I was just so excited, I guess I just wasn’t thinking straight. Typical me!

That day, that moment, will be etched in my memory for the rest of my life. My daughter was fine. My grandson was healthy! My prayers that I prayed every day since the day I was told I’d be a gramma, had been answered.

The best way I can describe the love I have for Kye is what I call a “double love.” I love him so much yet I love him even more because he is my precious baby girl’s baby.

Happy Birthday my sweet grandson, Candler Kye! I love you…as much as the sky!


Gramma xoxox


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