Spear’s Birth Story {By Daddy}

I know Zach doesn’t have much of a blog presence but I love that he takes the time to write out birthday letters to each of our children on their birthdays and that he writes out his version of each… View Post

Spear’s Birth Story {By Mommy}

Spear’s Birth Story {By Mommy} Need to catch up on our adoption journey? You can read all of my adoption related posts here!  Before I share this story I want to say a few things.… View Post

Tess’s Birth Story {By Daddy}

With the birth of each of our babies, I love that Zach writes his version of the story. I think it’s so great for our kids to have somethings that Daddy writes too instead of it all just being… View Post

Tess’s Birth Story {By Mommy}

Tess’s Birth Story {By Mommy} Disclaimer: If you have never read any of my previous birth stories then I want to warn you. I am detailed and very open and honest about my experiences. I also… View Post

Brittlynn’s Birth Story {By Daddy}

I know you’ve been waiting on it…and here it finally is! I’m so thankful that I have the type of husband who is not only willing to write these blog entries but wants to. Our… View Post