Our Beach Engagement Photos

Our beach engagement photos

Ready for some more of our amazing engagement session with Javon Longieliere??? Here we go!!!

After all the fun going around St. Augustine taking pictures, we were sweaty, hot and ready to cool off.

When we first booked Javon for our wedding photographer he mentioned something called trash the dress.

I had never heard of it and it was very new at the time (hello…this was back in 2006…).

We knew we were going to get married on the beach and Javon mentioned the idea of doing a trash the dress shoot after our wedding in the ocean.

In my wedding dress…I know it’s SUPER common now but at the time I just didn’t want to ruin my dress.

And honestly? I’m so glad I didn’t.

I feel that my wedding dress was timeless and even though Britt (or future daughters) may not want to actually wear it…I like knowing that it will be available to them just in case 🙂 

I liked the idea of “trashing the dress” but didn’t actually want to do it so Javon and I found a compromise 🙂

I bought a white dress and changed into it after our pictures around town.

We headed to the beach to play in the water and have a mini-version of a trash the dress shoot 😉

This is one of my favorites 🙂

This one is hanging in our bedroom.

We got a big frame for it and had it on display at our rehearsal dinner to have everyone sign.

I LOVE this picture.

Even after 6 years of having it hanging in our home I never get tired of looking at it. 

THIS is what a photo shoot with us is like hahaha I’m like picking a wedgie and I think Zach is commenting on how see through his shirt is 😉

Another of my personal favorites. We have this one hanging up in our hallway. Maybe I just like how, for once, I’m taller than Zach in the picture? Whatever the reason I just REALLY love it!!!

Okay. Here we go.

THIS is the controversial picture.

Ready for the short version of the story?

When you take pictures with a professional photographer they have the rights to use your images.

Javon chose this image to put on his website…HUGE compliment to us!!!

We actually didn’t even know it was on his website until someone called and told us.

We were pumped!

However, the word “provocative” was also with the picture and it rubbed a lot of people the wrong way.

I don’t think it’s a big deal. I didn’t then, I don’t now.

And we didn’t feel like we had done anything wrong.

We took some pictures of us making out in the water…who cares?

It just got taken WAY out of hand and became a big huge issue. 

While it caused drama it was also a great thing (I’m kinda the queen of finding the silver lining in things haha)…Zach was born and raised in Valdosta.

People still treated him like “Rusty’s son” instead of as an adult.

This picture drama allowed people to start treating us as individuals and respecting us as grown-ups rather than as children.

I was proud of how Zach handled himself with the entire thing.

He didn’t apologize for the picture. For the photos.

However, we did apologize to anyone who it may have offended AND, by the end of it, all those involved actually ended up apologizing to us for how it was all handled.

We also asked Javon to remove the photo from his website (which, I’m sure, was a PAIN for him to do and we really appreciated him understanding!!!).

We are totally cool with everyone involved in all the drama and it’s been six years now so I don’t think it’s even an issue anymore for anyone???

At least I hope it isn’t at this point!  

Moral of the story: if you have a problem with someone or a choice they make, go to that person directly to handle it.

It makes things a LOT easier!!!

We weren’t intentionally trying to offend anyone and when we found out it did offend some people (even if we didn’t agree with it) we took the proper steps to remove it. The End 🙂

We attended the local Bridal Expo (which is a HUGE event!) prior to our wedding and were excited to see “the picture” on display!

Javon chose it to be part of his booth at the expo!

I mean how often can you stand next to a life-size picture of yourself?!?!

 Haha love this of Javon himself! 🙂

Once he got done using the poster picture for his expos and such he gave it to us!

We now have it hanging up in our laundry room.

I know…the laundry room is kinda a random spot but where else do you hang a HUGE picture like this?!?!

It is a conversation starter whenever we give someone a tour of our home 🙂

The entire experience was SO FUN and I’m so glad Javon suggested the idea!!!

I really do love all of the images so much and they are probably my favorites out of ALL the engagement photos we took.

We actually had another engagement session with Javon in Valdosta!

I know, we were SPOILED 🙂

That’s the advantage of booking an amazing photographer before they are crazy popular right?

We had him before he became this worldwide sensation 😉

If you like the stuff he did for us def check out Javon’s site HERE. His work was amazing then and is incredible now!!!

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