First Official “Girl Time”

Several months ago Zach heard about FSU hosting their Spring Game for free and wanted to take Kye. Originally we had talked about he and I taking Kye but the more I thought about it the more I felt like it was a great opportunity for Britt and I to have some quality time together. I feel like so often Britt misses out on stuff and I don’t really get a lot of one on one time with her yet (although I’ll be getting a TON when Kye goes back to school this fall and she doesn’t have a morning nap anymore!). Zach decided to make it a legit guys day and invited his dad and Jordan.

The game was on Saturday April 13th (I know look at that…I was just in March and now BAM! Mid-April! That’s what foot surgery will do to ya!). Mr. Rusty recently joined a local golf club so he took Kye and Zach golfing that morning before heading to Tallahassee. I’m tellin’ ya…golf and football…legit guy time for sure!!! Jordan took these pics on his phone for me and they all had a GREAT time!!!

I was at a loss for what Britt and I could do. I still hadn’t had the kids solo since my surgery and I was a little nervous about over doing it. However, I’d been REALLY excited for our girl time and didn’t want to miss my chance to spend that special time together! It actually worked out PERFECTLY. Our local strawberry farm had some crop issues this year and had decided they were only going to be opened a few days. I found out the night prior that they were going to open on our scheduled girl’s day! I’ve always enjoyed taking Kye to the strawberry farm but decided it was FINE for him to miss out on a few things now and then!!! What could be better “girl time” than picking some strawberries? πŸ˜‰

Since Jordan and Mr Rusty were both having the “guy time” I invited Casey and Mrs. Charlotte along on our “girl time.” Casey came to our house and rode with me to the patch (LOVE being practically neighbors with them!!!). It was a BEAUTIFUL day out and it couldn’t have gone better! We took LOTS of pictures, I mean duh guys never take any during their time but girls take a million πŸ˜‰

Rockin’ my boot!

Britt REALLY had so much fun! However, she’s not a “dainty lady” and was more interested in SMASHING the strawberries in her fists than she was in gently putting them in the basket. I finally told her she lost the privilege to help pick them bc she couldn’t resist that smashing temptation! This is a typical “Britt fit” she gets upset and puts her face down for a few min and sobs then is over it. 

Of course G-Mama decided to break some rules and taste test πŸ˜‰

It proved to be a great distraction the the smashing…

She kept signing “more more!” after each bite haha

Mrs. Charlotte is THE BEST at getting Britt to smile for pictures!!! I LOVE her face in this one πŸ™‚

Of course we coordinated outfits too! 

Two of my favorite girls! So glad we got to make it a group outing!!!

They usually have these big strawberry things set up where you can put your face in them for pictures but since they didn’t this year we stuck Britt in front of a strawberry decorated building for a few pictures of her! I normally probably wouldn’t buy her dress but I saw it at a kid’s sale and knew it’d be so perfect for a day at the strawberry patch!!!


It was a VERY successful trip! I’m SO glad we went when we did as they did end up having to close the patch for the year and I wasn’t ever able to get back by there with Kye. He did okay hearing that he missed out on the event. He had plenty of “treats” at the game and had a BLAST with the guys so he didn’t mind. You can look back at Kye’s first visit to the patch (he was a little younger than Britt is now) HERE also you can see our visit last year (Britt’s first trip) HERE!

We have an ADORABLE new restaurant in town called Chicken Salad Chicks and I’ve been really wanting to try it out. Since it was a day for the girls and a day all about Britt I thought it’d make the perfect choice for lunch. Britt hardcore LOVES chicken salad! Casey and I headed straight there for lunch and the line was insane. The place was slammed! Which is typical of anywhere new in our town.  I still have yet to try the new Publix (that opened two months ago) b/c I don’t wanna deal with the crowds haha!

I LOVE how smiley Britt was for so many of the pictures, you can tell she really enjoyed HER day!

She was SO hyper it was hilarious!

I actually ended up ordering Britt her own meal…her own serving of chicken salad and crackers and she downed the entire plate. She was in HEAVEN. It isn’t really a place where I get the vibe that they want kids there? I felt a little out of place with her and she was pretty antsy waiting for the food to come (and yes, we were in potty training mode and she did amazing…no accidents at the farm or restaurant!). Once she got her food though she was straight grubbing πŸ™‚ I, too, chowed down. I RARELY fall in love with new places but I legit liked every single thing on my plate. It was amazing and I’m dying to go back! The only bad thing about it is that it’s not open for dinner! It’s SUPER hard for me to be able to go on lunch dates!!!

Girl time, Girl time!

Britt was super adorable and had everyone in the restaurant smiling. She walked, holding hands duh, to the car and was being so so silly. When we got in the car we realized why – it was PAST her naptime!!! Um that never happens. We were having so much fun and didn’t even realize the time. Thankfully we were only a few minutes from the house! We played “Zipity-Do-Dah” on repeat and laughed as Britt sang along the whole way πŸ™‚

Casey and I enjoyed the pretty weather outside just talking and talking while Britt napped. All the excitement wore out my poor foot and I needed to rest. Once Britt woke up we just chilled in her room and played. She was being so funny and kept doing this odd dance move where she’d hit the floor then bounce back up laughing. I LOVED getting to spend quality time with her like that and anytime I do I feel like I get to know her personality a little better πŸ™‚ She’s a pure joy to be around and really does brighten up my whole life πŸ™‚

I told Zach that night that every time I hang out with Casey I wish she didn’t have to leave. I feel completely and truly myself with her and love that we never run out of things to talk about. Half the time we end up switching subjects so much that we never do finish telling whatever story we first started out with haha. This day was one of those times where I just felt so blessed. I had such a fun time with my daughter and such a great time with my sister. It was a perfect day!

On the guys way home we had them pick up pizza to make the night even easier and Kye and I had a special “date” in the dining room. Everyone else had their pizza in the kitchen and Kye and I had some solo time as he was a little envious of my day with Britt (that morning he said he didn’t want to go to the game bc he wanted to stay with me…Mama’s boy? I ain’t complaining!)


Zach got some quality time with Britt and gave her a bath and Kye and I ran down to the Dairy Queen and got his first ever Blizzard πŸ™‚ It was the perfect way to end the day! He was being super silly (both of my kids gets really goofy whenever they are lacking in sleep and he had skipped his nap that day for the game!) and I snapped all these “crazy faces” of his while we were waiting for our Blizzards!

When we got home he wanted to eat our treats in the dining room since we were still on our “date” and I was proud of him that he wasn’t upset when we realized the lady had messed up his order! He didn’t complain at all and was just thankful to have what she gave him!

From a day with my sweet girl to an evening with my handsome boy! Perfect day!!!

It was one of those all around wonderful days that makes me smile anytime I think about it and I’m SO glad my foot was healed up enough for me to be able to participate in everything and I’m so thankful for my first official “girl day” with Britt! I know it’s the beginning of only many, many more to come!!! I def think my healing process with my foot made me appreciate this day even more. I was so glad to be up out of the bed and going and doing again πŸ™‚ I think I used the word “perfect” like 50 times in this post but I meant it every time haha…it was THAT good of a day πŸ™‚

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