First Official Cold

At 13 months old Kye has now officially had his first cold. I’m really proud of the fact that my child managed to stay well for that long and I believe it’s due to the breastfeeding! That and he has two parents that rarely get sick as well 😉

For the past couple of weeks Kye has been having a runny nose. I didn’t really think much of it as he still only has 4 teeth so he’s due for some more anytime now. I also noticed that the two beside the top ones he has look like they are going to erupt at any moment so I figured the runny nose was just teething. I also figured that the little cough he came down with was just from the drainage from the runny nose from the teething. No biggie. I checked for a temperature throughout the weeks and never noticed one.

On top of the runny nose and slight cough Kye also became extremely whiny and clingy. I do NOT typically have a loving child but MAN he was attached to my hip! He would crawl over to me and just lay his head pitfully in my lap or crawl into my lap and wrap his little arms around my neck. Yes, the whiny was annoying. And his clinginess was pretty annoying too (um independent playtime? good luck!) but this “Cuddly Kye” I could have kept around awhile longer!!! My mom said that one thing (the ONLY thing) she enjoyed about us being sick was how sweet we’d always be. I really did find that to be the one perk of the situation for sure!

As the cough got a little worse Kye also started to feel warm. His temperature never got higher than 100 degrees (we use this temporal thermometer and it works great!) which isn’t considered a real temperature I guess for babies but for me it is. Zach and I both never get fevers so for me if my temp reaches 99 I consider it a fever. Since we both have low body temperatures, I think it’s safe to assume that Kye does too.

With the cough and mild fever I decided to take Kye to the Winnersville Wellness Clinic again. We were leaving for out of town on Sunday and he’d be staying with Mrs. Charlotte and I didn’t want her to worry about him, make me worry more about him, or his condition to get worse without me there with him. I took him first thing Friday morning and got there right when they opened (they open at 8:30 but will let you in at 8:15!) We were the first ones there and it was WONDERFUL. Another great experience there for sure and I, again, highly recommend it! Dr. John is awesome!!!!

He checked Kye out and it was so funny. I told him Kye’s never had an ear infection and I was worried about him having one and me not knowing it. When he looked in his ears he said “perfect ears perfect ears.” Then he looked up his nose and said “oh not good nose not good nose” haha! He said that Kye’s ears were (surprise surprise!) perfect!!! But that he had quite a bit of congestion and it worried him some. He said that if I wasn’t going out of town he’d probably just have me monitor the cough and the situation and just see but with us leaving (and him having the understanding about mother in laws who worry!) he thought it’d be best to prescribe us something. He said that if Kye started coughing more than 100 times per day (who counts seriously?!?) then we’d need to bring him back in as his cold had potential to turn into bronchitis.

He prescribed him amoxicillin (the pink stuff! my fav as a kid!) as well as a cough medicine (C-Phen). I know some people will give their babies children’s cough medicine in a smaller dosage but I don’t agree with that practice. I only feel comfortable giving Kye something that has a dosage amount for his age and or weight OR that a doctor has prescribed him. I may be overly conservative about it but I’d rather be safe than sorry!

Dr. John was SO nice and patient with me! He really did a great job going over everything and helping me out as he knew I’d never dealt with sickness before. He spent about 20 min or so in there with me and explained that kids will tend to have more yellow and green snot in the morning time (which is why Kye’s nose looked SO bad then) and that it’s fine to bring him in without him having a fever. I also had him look at my thermometer and he said that it’s the one he has at home! He also said it’s one of the most accurate out there so I don’t need to add or take away a degree whenever I take Kye’s temp but that I should take it three times and average them together. Good to know!

Kye was an angel for the appointment and we got home only about 15 min late for his nap so it worked out great! By the time we left for our trip on Sunday he was already acting more like his old self and I could tell he was feeling better. He was coughing less and was becoming a little less clingy. Of course, I was starting to feel sick but as long as my baby is better I’ll be fine!!! Mrs. Charlotte said he did great while we were gone and now that I’m home he’s much closer to being his old self (although I can SEE those two teeth getting ready to come through so I think we’re now legitimately teething…). Having a sick baby isn’t fun but I’m glad to have the experience under my belt so I know what symptoms to look for next time and I know a good time to take him to the walk-in clinic! 🙂

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