First 48 Session

I have SO many people comment about how I have a photographer in the delivery room for my babies. I know it’s not a super common practice and isn’t something that many (most?) women would be comfortable with. I am SO thankful for all the awesome pictures I’ve had with each birth but I also “get it” why a lot of mamas wouldn’t want someone in the room during such a private event…especially someone photographing it!

Lindsay was planning to be my delivery room photographer this time around but when it didn’t work out (her plane literally landed just a couple hours after Tess was born!) she had a GREAT idea! She came to visit us at the hospital and created a new kind of photo session called The First 48. It’s where she will come to the hospital after the baby is born and take photos during those first days of life. 

It’s SUCH a great idea for a photo session! First of all, it’s when the baby is still super new. So it’s perfect for those moms who like the idea of delivery room photos but don’t actually want someone in the room with them. Plus, since the baby is a little older, the baby is much prettier by that point rather than fresh out of the womb. It’s also a very relaxed environment (no worries about having a clean house!) and it’s the perfect opportunity for more lifestyle type photos with an easy-to-sleep newborn. We had our newborn session when Tess was just 9 days old and she was already not sleeping as easily as she did at the hospital!

If you are expecting then I would FOR SURE contact Lindsay (with Captured by Colson) to set up a First 48 Session! I’m so thankful to her for taking these shots and love that she was still part of Tess’s birth experience 🙂 Can’t wait for her to be in the delivery room for baby #4!

I will also be requesting this postpartum room next time too haha!

HUGE thanks to Lindsay for these wonderful photos that I will forever cherish! It’s tough to get pictures of mommy with the new baby so I’m super thankful to have these to always remember those early sweet newborn cuddles 🙂

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