Father’s Day Golf Outing 2011 {Part 2}

Hope you enjoyed ALL the pictures from Part 1 of our fun golf morning…here’s Part 2! I’m excited to get several of these printed off to put in Kye’s golf themed bedroom 🙂

Kye really enjoyed the day!

Kye said he had to go potty…thank the Lord we have a son and that no one noticed a little yellow grass 😉

He did well concentrating, especially since we played 18 holes instead of 9 like last year

Kye’s upgraded his clubs since last time 😉

every golfer needs a snack break


do you like the matching shorts?

Zach’s face is classic here…

another great shot

thanking his “fans” haha

last hole!

Zach said this is his FAVORITE tradition, I love it too!

happy Daddy + happy Kye = happy Mommy

watching Daddy finish up the last hole

taking a break to see some horses and donkeys

Who didn’t believe we live in the country? Our golf course has DONKEYS!

eying his last shot of the day (in case you were wondering…Zach won…)

Happy Father’s Day!

Two posts just from our Father’s Day morning! See why I’m so behind? 😉

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