Father’s Day Celebration 2015

This year we celebrated Father’s Day the Saturday following the legit holiday. You can read about Father’s Day here 🙂 We kicked the day off with some breakfast from Hardee’s which is one of Zach’s favorite breakfast places!

Atfer Tess’s nap we headed out to Kinderlou for our tee-time. This was the first time having all three kids on our annual golf adventure. It was, therefore, also the first time we required two golf carts. Assuming we stop at 4 kids I think we’ll be good to go with just 2 carts! 

The weather was noooottttt looking good but we weren’t going to let that stop us. I planned to leave with the girls anyway so we hoped to at least get in a few holes before the storm hit. 

Kye had to keep reminding Britt the rules of golf etiquette. The not talking while someone is hitting was a tough one for her 😉

We decided Britt will make an excellent cart girl someday 😉 She was all about helping others rather than playing herself. And once we busted out the snacks she spent her time asking Kye if he wanted anything to eat!

Kye takes his golf SERIOUSLY. He’s very much that first born perfectionist (like his mama) and is hard on himself. I rarely get to see him golf so when he comes home and tells me how he plays he typically downgrades his abilities. It was great to see him in person and see his skills. He’s quite the little golfer! I loved watching him and Zach together and their excitement over his shots!

Snacks on the golf course make it even more fun!

Using the balls the kids decorated for Daddy’s gift!

Driving golf cart and feeding baby a bottle: SKILLS

The rain caught up with us so we just took a little break to watch the radar, eat some snacks, give Tess her bottle, and stay DRY!

Family selfie!

I really want to go golfing just Zach and I so I can really enjoy watching him!

When Britt was 18 months old and we went to the golf course she cried. A LOT. Then last year? She also cried a good bit. This year though? She was awesome! NO complaining or fussing or anything. She was content and happy and had FUN. On top of Britt’s joy, Tess is also like the world’s easiest child ever so it made for a really fun day. Tess was content the entire time. Never a fuss or anything from her. I’m interested to see how she does next year. That was the toughest time we had with Britt so it’ll be interesting to see if Tess’s easy-goingness changes as she becomes a toddler (please please don’t change!). 

The rain turned into a storm and the carts sent out signals from the clubhouse for us to come in. I’m not playing games with lightning and my babies! We were able to get some great shots before the downpour which I’m thankful for! I love this yearly tradition and know that Zach does too!

First year playing playing with Daddy (close to 18 months old) and this year playing with Daddy (6 years old)

The girl’s and I headed to the house and the boys stayed and waited out the storm. They were able to finish their game and Zach got a couple pics for me of their time together!

As a surprise fro Zach I picked up some Biscoff spread. Y’all. If you’ve ever flown Delta and had the Biscoff cookies they hand out on flights…well this junk is those turned into a spread. I don’t love the crackers but this spread is INSANE. Especially on some cinnamon graham crackers! Zach was very surprised and touched at the thoughtful gesture.

After naps it was present time!

Britt’s card for Daddy

I took the plunge and got Zach a Fitbit Charge. I’ve heard that people who own them LOVE THEM and figured, why not? He likes it so far but I do think we need to learn more about them so he can maximize it’s value! 

It was, of course, raining. So our swimming plans had to wait until it passed over. Zach wanted to watch some golf 😉

Finally kids were able to swim! I took care of them while Zach grilled out and cooked some steaks. Zach really loves making meals at home so we did what he wanted for his special day!


The kids and I made him a super special cake and it turned out really yummy! 

Zach had a great day and we had a great time celebrating HIM!

Here’s our past family golf outings through the years:






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