Family Picnic

This past weekend Zach, Kye and I headed to Melbourne yet again! My aunt and uncle recently moved their family out to California and we’ve been missing them like crazy so we were pumped to get to see them over the weekend during a family picnic!

We went down on Friday and made a weekend out of it! On Saturday we had a great time with Mom and went for Kye’s first Bagel World trip! He loved it, duh.
Of course his favorite bagel will soon be: cheedar cheese bagel toasted with peanut butter, eggs, bacon and cheese!

Saturday afternoon Mom watched Kye for a little bit and Zach and I ran to the beach to catch a little sun. It was nice just the two of us. The rest of the day Mom and I watched old home movies (which motivated Zach and I to finally start video taping our child!) then Zach and I rented He’s Just Not That Into You that night…it was SO good!

Sunday was our family picnic! It was SUCH a blast! It was my idea to rent an outdoor pavilion so I was pretty nervous that everyone would hate it and it’d be my fault but I think everyone had a good time!

Zach was silly and took pictures with everyone in my family with the watermelon haha He’s so random! And he had to get the silliest one with Uncle Chip, of course!

It was great for everyone to meet Kye! He behaved very well for being outside for so long and loved being held by all the family. Out of everyone in our fam Ben is probably the one that loves babies the most. He grabbed Kye up as soon as he saw him.

Aunt Michele was thrilled to meet him as well and let him sleep in her arms during his nap. I think she realized pretty quickly that he gets HEAVY haha

While Kye got a lot of attention, I think Liz got even more! My cousin Jason has been dating her for awhile now and they are the cutest couple. Just perfect for each other! She hadn’t met most of the family before but she jumped right in and is a GREAT fit for our family. I liked her instantly and she was so sweet with Kye! When it was time to feed him she wanted to! So sweet! I hope we get to see a lot more of her in the future 🙂

While Nana didn’t get to stay for the entire day you could tell she was thrilled to see all of her family together. I noticed her being reserved and just enjoying watching all of us as we told stories and shared laughs. I think it made her very happy, which is always important to me! Everyone knows I adore my Nana 🙂

Since the picnic I can’t stop thinking about how BLESSED I am to be part of such an amazing family! We ALL have fun together..isn’t that rare? I truly love my cousins and always have a blast when we are together. Zach even loves them all and when it was time for us to leave to drive home he suggested that we stay the night and leave the next morning so we could go see The Hangover with all my cousins! How many people WANT to be around their in-laws longer than they have to be???? Not many! That just shows how great my family really is…they make everyone feel like they belong!

Some of my awesome cousins!

And my favorite one of all…and he knows it! I hate that Jonathan is ALWAYS working when we are in town but Brian assured me that they will take off so we can hang out more next time!

The men doing their thing at the grill

And Lonnie providing some entertainment since we didn’t have a radio!

I loved watching my family interact with Kye and hearing all the stories about when my cousins and I were babies. It’s neat to think that one day Kye will be US with his cousins and will laugh and joke around at the kids table.

Getting some kisses from Auntie Becky!

Out of everyone there though Aiden was the most excited to spend time with Kye. He’s actually my second cousin and is the only one without someone close to his age to play with. He’s four years old and is thrilled that Kye is around now! He can’t wait until Kye is old enough to play with him and he kept saying that he wants to be Kye’s “big brother.” So sweet!

Kye playing with his cousin!

Aiden is such a precious kid and I hope Kye has him as a role model as he grows up. Right when he got there he wanted everyone’s attention to tell us a joke! Here’s a video of it, he’s so cute!

Here he is again playing with Kye. This time he used his blanket to play with Kye and got a little mad at Kye when he tried to put it in his mouth! He let Kye know that it was HIS blanket haha

Before they left Aiden wanted a picture of him and Kye together…of course Kye was SUPER sleepy and got fussy but we still took one because it was just so precious that Aiden asked for it!

It was SUCH a fun day. I still can’t get over what a great time it was with all of us together and just truly how blessed I have been to be born into such a fun, close, loving group! Us Bublitz’s know how to have a good time!!! 🙂

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