Family Golf Outing 2013

This year Zach and I were both looking forward to our annual family golf outing for Father’s Day. We could go first thing in the morning since Britt no longer has a morning nap, we’d get to see Kye’s golf skills after completing his week of golf camp, and we’d get to spend some quality family time together! It’s funny to me how each year we play at a different golf course. This year we played at Kinderlou which is the nicest course in our area. They ran some super great special to join the membership and Zach joined recently! Aflac runs contests every quarter for a new Ipad and he decided he’d sell that Ipad each time in order to pay for his membership (making it FREE!), so far it’s working out great and he loves getting to play out there! He was excited for me to see the course, and it was beautiful for sure! I think this may have been the MOST pictures yet of our golf fun!

After we finished up at Waffle House we headed down to Kinderlou for our t-time. I really thought Britt would enjoy the outing but for the first few holes it was a nightmare. Child was SO upset. She LOVES to ride in the golf cart (G-Mama rides her in it at their house since they have one) and was MAD whenever we had to stop riding in order to play the holes. She was SCREAMING which does not mix well at a fancy golf course! Pretty embarrassing! Since we were out on the course there wasn’t really anything we could do to not disturb other players. It did work out where there wasn’t anyone playing behind us and the other players were two holes in front of us so we just took a long time and made sure to keep her as quiet as possible (driving her around in the cart and driving it slllllowly haha) so Zach felt like it was an okay thing and that we didn’t bother the other players. Thankfully she eventually got over it and then we were all able to enjoy ourselves!!! If the situation hadn’t gotten better we def would have had to leave!

Kye, on the other hand, was beyond thrilled to be out there and had a BLAST from start to finish. It’s so precious to watch him with his daddy. I LOVE the father-son bond they share!!! 

 Kye wanted to wear his “golf hat” from camp πŸ™‚

 Always coaching him up!


 Still fussy!

 They watched every shot together!

 I love how Kye’s clubs have changed over the years πŸ™‚

Once I busted out the leftovers from breakfast the entire mood shifted! With that waffle in her hand, Britt was as happy as could be! I could finally breathe a little easier knowing we wouldn’t be disturbing others and I could actually watch the boys play some instead of dealing with Britt! 

 Following Brother πŸ™‚

We saw a TON of animals out on the course too! I couldn’t get over this HUGE squirrel?!?! I’ve never seen one this big or this coloring?!?! We also saw a HUGE tree frog, helped save an earth worm from the cart path, and got to see several geese together! It was not only a golf outing, but an educational adventure too πŸ˜‰

 I love her little shoes that her daddy bought just for her!

 I LOVEEEEEE this shot! Celebrating Kye’s putt going in! So cute!

 Proud of my babies…waffle in hand and all πŸ˜‰

 Serious concentration face!

 I took this video of Kye’s putting game, it needs work but he is only 4 πŸ˜‰

 Took a break to bust out in a Golf Dance πŸ˜‰

 Gotta keep score!

Other than the initial Brittlynn drama, it was SO FUN! Once she got her waffle she was happy as could be and I loved seeing Zach take the time to play some golf with her too. He is SUCH a great daddy and truly loves both of his children equally. He said multiple times how much it meant to him to have his whole family out with him. We did struggle to all squeeze in the golf cart though, I wonder when baby #3 comes what we will do? Maybe Kye will be able to drive his own cart by then πŸ˜‰ It was special to me to be able to watch Kye and Zach golf together. They go a decent amount to the course to play, but I never get to go along. It’s neat to watch Kye grow and change through the years and to see his abilities develop. It warms my heart to see him focus so intently on what he’s doing and how seriously he takes the sport. He watched all of Zach’s turns too and would tell him “good shot Daddy!” They were having such a great time that they stayed and played another nine holes! Britt and I went ahead and went on home as nine holes was her limit but I love that Kye is old enough to play an entire 18 with his Daddy! Looking through these pics it’s just so CRAZY too me how OLD Kye looks! He sure is growing up and I’m thankful for traditions like these so we can soak in all the quality time we can with our children before they are adults. 

You can look back at our golf tradition through the years:




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