Enjoying Our Room

As I mentioned in an earlier post, we got a GREAT deal on our hotel room in SC! We had booked a room at The Knights Inn as it was the cheapest room in town but then Brandon text me and said that he and Chrissy did the thing on Priceline where you name your own price (here’s my blog entry about the deal) and they got an AWESOME hotel for only $40 a night! We were super nervous to try it but we did and we got the same hotel as they did! We ended up staying at the Embassy Suites which was located on a golf course and the rooms normally cost in the $200s per night! It was so so nice and the perfect place to stay as a family as the layout of the room was great! Our room had a HUGE king bed and a makeup table with light (so I could get ready while Kye slept!) as well as a nice closet then it had a door between us and the living area (so Kye could nap/sleep at night and we could watch tv or whatever and not bother him). It also had a microwave AND fridge as well as a great sitting room where Kye could play and eat!

view from our room to the lobby

pic we always take at every hotel stay!

beautiful view from our room

There were LOTS of freebies at the hotel too! They had an AWESOME breakfast. By FAR the best breakfast we’ve ever had at a hotel (and we travel a LOT). The buffet opened at 7 am so both mornings we got Kye up then went straight for breakfast. They had made-to-order omelets and yummy biscuits and other goodies. Kye loved it all too! Then each night from 5:30-7:30 they had free drinks and snacks in the lobby (including alcohol for those of you who drink it!). The first night we got in right at 7:30 so they let me get some fruity mixed non-alcoholic thing but the second night we were too late to get anything!

enjoying breakfast

free drink!

enjoying our room

While this hotel had it all (even a 12:00 check out time which was PERFECT for Kye to get up at 11 from his nap and eat before we had to be out of the room!), the best perk was the indoor pool! AND it opened at 6 am so we were able to eat breakfast then go straight to the pool for a swim! I was a little nervous about how Kye would do in the water. He loved to swim last summer but it’s been quite awhile (I think Cancun was the last time he got to swim and that was October!) so I didn’t know what to expect. But, of course, he LOVED it!!!

smiling right when he got in

he laughed and laughed, so happy

I LOVE this picture!

I’m super pumped for summer so we can go swimming together

“do we have to leave?”

Like Zach said, God always takes care of us! It was SUCH a sad and emotionally difficult trip but He blessed us with the opportunity to stay in the perfect location. The hotel seriously brought us so much joy and made a not-so-great-trip fun in many ways! I wish we could afford to always stay in the Embassy Suites (as they told us that ALL of their locations are like the one we stayed in)! But we WILL be trying the Name Your Own Price thing on Priceline again for sure! We checked the area we wanted to stay and the number of stars (3 stars) as well as the price ($40 a night) and it worked, so next time maybe we’ll try cheaper and see what we can get. I think ANY 3 star hotel would be awesome…we’re used to the 2 star and under type haha!

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