Summer Recap 2018: Week 1

Since Zach and I were on our romantic Disney trip the first true week of summer we’re kicking off our first official family week of summer the week after we got back: May 31st –… View Post

Spring Break MK Day 2

Our original intent on our trip was to go to the BEACH over Spring Break! Buttttt it was just too chilly. So we had literally NO PLANS since our beach day got washed. We saw… View Post

Britt Swim 2016

Britt has always been the kid who is content with just playing on the stairs. The past couple of years she’s really gotten better at ENJOYING swimming and she’s just a little fish! I have… View Post

Spring Swim

I know I am kinda hardcore about several things, but swimming is def on that list! I am SO thankful we did survival swim lessons with both Kye and Britt and we will 100% be… View Post

Kye Stroke Lesson

Kye LOVES to swim! I’m so thankful we enrolled him in survival swim when he was younger and that we have continued lessons over the years. He has been super, super excited to do stroke… View Post