Easter 2021

Easter is one of those sneak-up-on-me kinda holidays. I don’t really PLAN for it to be a BIG DEAL but, somehow, it always ends up being the holiday that does the most.

It was super exciting that Spear got to have an egg hunt at school! So many things this school year have been wonky and weird and it was awesome that his teachers made the egg hunt happen!

He was ALL ABOUT IT and it worked out where Zach was able to run up to the school for it too. They had planned a picnic lunch but it was randomly SUPER COLD and windy. I swear every year it gets super hot and then right at Easter we get a cold front. But Spear still loved getting to hunt the eggs!

I try to keep Easter pretty low-key regarding our annual traditions. We always color eggs as a family and draw on them with crayons before coloring them. Kye got to help with the actual dying process this year – pretty major milestone for him 😉

Several years ago all the kids had a bad stomach bug ON Easter so they missed the annual egg hunt with the cousins. Naturally I felt “mom guilt” and did my own EPIC egg hunt for them in the backyard. Anndddd then that one egg hunt somehow turned into a yearly traditon. And last Easter was during the shut down so yall know I went all kindssss of overboard.

This year? I was all about reigning it IN. I picked a random afternoon after school for the Mommy Egg Hunt. I used candy we already had at the house and Tess and Kye volunteered to fill the eggs for me with the candy and then I just printed up some coupons for them. I didn’t even have ’em put on any cute outfits 😉 Kept it low-key!

And they still LOVED IT. Especially Kye! He is ALL about the egg hunt! I divide out the candy eggs vs the coupon eggs. Any eggs on the ground in plain sight are candy eggs, eggs that are above ground and more hidden are coupon eggs. Each kid is allowed to find a certain number of eggs and it’s up to them to decide how many they want to find of the coupon vs candy ones.

It’s a pretty solid system and they all have fun with it!

The coupons are always the big hit of the hunt, especially for Kye. The girls weren’t too pumped because the coupon eggs they found weren’t as good of coupons as the ones Kye found. Sigh. I mean I’m not going to sit there and label every egg with their names on them! Luck is luck sometimes and Kye just got luckier in his coupon finding this time around! Of course they did some egg swapping, candy trading, and coupon bargaining.

Not only do the kids look forward to an annual “Mommy Egg Hunt” but Kye has also been doing his OWN egg hunt for the girls each year. And, yes, he filled eggs with more candy AND with his OWN coupons. Such a sweet big brother! I love that it brings him such joy and nothing makes my mama heart happier than to see them all getting along and enjoying each other!

A few years ago Katie started hosting an annual Easter event at her house and she has SUCH a gorgeous property. It’s really the perfect place for such an event!

The kids look forward to it each year and we love all of our Aunt Katie traditions. This year was also her sweet mama’s 60th birthday so there was a bit of a surprise tossed in there for her as well. Katie’s mom is literally one of THE nicest people on the planet (not surprising seeing how her daughter is so awesome too!) and it was great to be there to celebrate her!

We had a picnic and egg hunt and Spear was SUPER cute and SO into it. This is such a fun age!!!

Aunt Katie even had a piñata! And there were a few extra special prize eggs hidden in the yard too and it was so funny because Kye looked and looked and LOOKED and even got a few hints on where to find one of them and then Britt came in and just found it right away. He was pretty bitter!

We love Aunt Katie!

The Easter Bunny showed up and, much like the egg hunt, kept it more simple this year compared to last as well. New swimsuits, candy, fun surprises!

Every year we leave out our Easter shoes for the Easter Bunny to hide an egg in them. He always hides our most special egg with the kids names on them. It’s always a fun way to kick off the morning.

Check out Tess’s awesome bed head too haha! We make sure the big kids don’t peek as they go downstairs and then wait in the hallway until we’re ready to let them loose for the indoor egg hunt.

These eggs are all the ones we color and the Easter Bunny always hides them in the living room. He also puts their Easter Baskets on the fireplace but I move them into the laundry room so they can hunt the eggs first and then they go BACK down the hallway and I bring out the baskets!

We had a CRAZY busy Easter this year…we had our little morning, drove to our new church for services, then went to Mema’s and THEN drove to Disney for Spring Break. Whew. So all of our bags were packed and ready to go in the living room 😉

Tessie won the egg hunt and found the most eggs!

It was such a nice Easter morning. We didn’t have to help ANY kids find the eggs AND we didn’t have to do much helping with the baskets either. It was so nice to just sit and WATCH and enjoy the moment! The kids loved all their goodies! Mad libs are a big win with our crew and the drive to church was filled with silly readings of the Mad Libs

Our first Easter at our new church home! There is a beautiful tree out front and I’m sure this is the first of many tree pics to come for our fam! I like to try to include non-edited pics too bc I feel like filters and such look great for IG but usually don’t age well with time so I like the original in the blog books 😉

After church we headed out to Mema’s for the family get together. We do a big lunch and then, yup, another egg hunt! The cousins all have so much fun together and it was BEAUTIFUL weather. I am obsessing over Spear’s little “ready to hunt” stance!

We had originally planned to leave from Mema’s to head to Disney for Spring Break but while AT Mema’s Zach got hit with stomach issues. Sooooo we ended up back at our house for several hours and ended up having his mom (who’d planned to meet us down there) come to our house on her way and swap vehicles. I drove my van with her and the kids and Zach took her car so he could stop as often as needed to use the bathroom.

It. Was. A. DAY.

Thankfully the majority of our Easter was wonderful – our Spring Break just started off rough buttt more on that coming up!

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