Destin Beach!

I did not expect for us to get another chance at some beach fun before the end of the year! The weather was BEAUTIFUL and I truly loved visiting the beach during the fall season!!! We had gone to Panama City back in Feb and it was a bit too cold but this was perfect!!! I honestly would love to go again during that time of the year. We got to enjoy the beach without being a sticky hot mess! I took a TONNNN of pictures and we enjoyed a wonderful picnic lunch and just some fun family together time!

Kye’s “sun in my eyes” smiles are hilarious

Daddy is the sand castle king!

Love, Love, LOVE this 🙂 

Yes, I’m rocking my dang tennis shoes at the beach. I’m 90% sure I reinjured myself at the beach back in July and I did NOT want to risk it!!!

The water was COLD!

My baby girl!

And my handsome boy!

During our lunch we literally got attacked by birds. Like legit attacked!!! They wanted our food and weren’t afraid of us at all! One flew right at my head!!! Scared me to death! Thankfully Zach was the hero (as usual) and protected us from them!

Don’t mess with Zach 😉

My goal was to avoid the water. I put the kids in normal clothes b/c I knew it’d be too cold and didn’t want to tempt them. But you KNOW when you have a four year old boy that getting wet is inevitable!

Had to play a little catch with his son on the beach 🙂

Zach gets freaked out by two things: choking and sand in the mouth. He did NOT like how much sand Britt ended up eating haha

As you can tell, we had a FABULOUS time!!! It was so fun and the beach at Destin is SO BEAUTIFUL!!! Hope we get another chance to go back!!!

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  1. Katie1315
    January 2, 2014 / 7:47 pm

    Gorgeous pictures! The big waves and the dark blue clouds made for a perfect background!

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