Cocoa Beach Trip Part 2

We lucked out the first part of the trip with the weather! We couldn’t believe it hadn’t stormed on us yet, but we knew it was coming. On Saturday we went ahead and planned to hit up Bagel World for breakfast. It’s not the original one that I grew up eating, but it’s close enough and WAY closer to our hotel than driving to Satellite Beach! It makes my heart so happy that my kids get CRUNK for some Bagel World!

I knew when I saw this rock waterfall at the hotel that a mini photo shoot had to happen 😉

Since the rain was coming we decided to split up. The girls LOVED the pool and the guys preferred the beach. Tess y’all was SO precious in the pool.  I had to really watch her b/c she’d run up and just JUMP IN. Swim lessons def paid off already b/c she was kicking those toes and swimming to the steps so well! It was tricky to watch both her a Britt b/c she wanted to swim so much. It wasn’t very crowded and we ended up not lasting long b/c it was COLD. 

Boogie Boarders living it UP

We sent our freezing cold pics back 😉

There was a McDonald’s close by and I was totally on team let’s get a treat. BUT logistically who wants to walk in a bathing suit while carrying a wet toddler and dragging a wet preschooler? No thanks. Instead we went into the restaurant on property and ordered some hot chocolates!

Back at the room I started Kye’s Baby Tooth Album for him with his first tooth 🙂

The bad weather hit that afternoon and we didn’t really mind. We were all kinda down to just CHILL. We did a LOT of snuggling and playing and watched a movie and got packed up! Just a hang out night as a family. Which I mean we have at home but everything is just better on vaca, right? 🙂

My snuggle girl

Using the bathroom while Tess slept!

I mentioned in the other post about the bad sleeping situation. The bathroom def helped resolve it but it was still a pain. When we went to put up the sofa bed we saw this sign haha OOPS. I mean without the sofa bed we would have been REALLY in trouble! We really really loved the hotel but it stinks we can’t stay there again b/c of the way the room is laid out! It really is slim pickings in that area for GOOD places to stay with a LOT of space!

movie time!

Someone wanted to keep the bath to herself!

I got some “me time” that night and was able to go to dinner and had an AWESOME time 🙂 On our way I saw a guy dressed as an alligator and knew Britt would be pumped

Sweet girl enjoyed her night in the shower 😉

Loading up to go home!

We have found that the more kids we have the longer trips we need to take. 3 nights in pretty much our minimum at this point in life. Maybe it’s a number of kids thing? But to us, right now, a trip doesn’t make sense to take unless it’s 3 nights or more. It’s a lot of work packing and unpacking and loading and unloading for our whole family and we def wanna make sure it’s “worth it.” This was such a nice little trip away and I’m SO thankful we went and had that time together! 

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