Christmas Card Roll Call 2014

So this year I ordered our Christmas cards super early but didn’t address them until we were on our ski trip, the week before Christmas. And I totally didn’t realize until it was too late that I didn’t order enough cards this year!!! I felt SO bad when I just straight up ran out. I mean even some family didn’t get one from us! Poor planning on my part and I”m very sorry to anyone who usually gets a card from our family but didn’t this year. I promise it wasn’t intentional or personal! I felt guilt every time I got a card in the mail from someone who I knew didn’t get one from us due to my mistake. Maybe no one noticed? But I LOVE me some Christmas cards so I feel like everyone else does to haha!

I started doing this annual blog post a couple years ago. It’s fun to compare cards from year to year and see how the people in our lives change. New marriages, new babies, new careers…it’s fun to keep up with everyone and I appreciate each family who thought of us during the holiday season! Here are all the cards from this year, starting with ours 🙂 If they family has a blog I’m going to try to include a link to their blog site…it’s always fun to find new blogs to follow right?! If you have a blog and you aren’t linked then it means I don’t have your blog website so let me know 🙂 

Sidenote: I did a postcard this year and seriously it’s genius. I ordered it from Etsy and had them design it as a postcard. Got them printed and cut at UPS. Saved like almost 20 cents per card on the stamp cost plus didn’t have to buy envelopes! 

 The Roberts Family 

The Hadsock Family 

The Dame Family

Michael, Megan and their crew 🙂

 The Lovett Family

 The Abbott Family

 The Cary Family

 The Phillips Family

The Copponex Family

The Mallory Family

 The Range Family

Brandi and Amelie

The Sedgley Family

 The Jones Family

The McEver Family 

 The Thomason Family
(sidenote: this wins for my favorite card! SO cute for a family with a toddler right?!?!)

The Starr Family

The Edwards Family

The Walker Family

The Bailey Family

 The Shirah Family

The Malone Family

The Troutman Family 

The Murphey Family

The Fowler Family

 The Woods Family

 The McIver Family

The Hamilton’s

The Yenatsky’s

The Shapiro’s

 The Pool Family

 The McAllister Family

 The Colson Family 

The Bacon Family

The Santoro Family

 The Whitman Family

 The Eckerle’s 

The Mullican Family 

Thank you again SO MUCH to all of you who added a little more joy to our holiday season! Can’t wait to see the changes next years cards will bring for us all 🙂

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