Monkey Party Decor

Zach and I worked hard on this party and I want to remember every little detail of it! Instead of taking the time in this post to describe how I made each thing or where… View Post

Best Recent Book-To-Movie

I know I just wrote a post at how much books made to movies suck but last night Zach and I had a date-night and watched the BEST one I’ve seen recently! Well actually, I… View Post

Toy Recalls

For Christmas Santa got Kye the Little Tykes Tool Bench. He LOVES it and it’s been one of his favorite toys! Before Christmas I actually saw this bench in my Parenting magazine as a toy… View Post

The Book is Always Better

It seems like just recently all my favorite books have been turned into movies. I’ve re-read each book before the movie comes out and await eagerly to go to the theater. Why do I continue… View Post


Ashley bought Twilight after hearing that it was awesome from Natalie…and she let me read it first! I finished it today and I TOTALLY get why so many people are obsessed with it…it’s so awesome… View Post