Casey Getaway

After almost 10 years of marriage my husband has really started to “get me.” When he had his back surgery it was tough on our whole family and the month of may, in general, was just pretty crappy. Zach wanted to do something sweet for me AND for Casey. Her month was much, much harder than ours and he wanted us both to just be able to relax, get away, and have some much needed FUN. He told us that once he was healed enough to keep the kids solo that we could go away for the night to the beach!

It was SO super sweet of him and really was just what we both needed. I LOVE spending time with Casey (after Zach she’s def my favorite person). We always have a blast no matter what we are doing. Our random adventures are the best and I’m truly so blessed to have her in my life as my sister and bff. She’s my person and I’m honored to get to be hers too πŸ™‚

We left after Carter’s party which was good timing as Casey had worked SO HARD on the adorable party and needed that chill mode time!  First stop was lunch and omg we are SPOILED by being stay at home moms. We are used to going and doing during the week while everyone else is working so we’re not used to lines or crowds or anything. But lunch time on a Saturday? Whole. New. Ballgame. We wanted Zaxby’s but the line was SO long so we tried Taco Bell and it still had a mega long line but we just gave up and waited!

Of course Casey needed a Starbucks fix πŸ˜‰ 

Food! Finally! (and that guy is pumped about it)

While eating I told Casey our big adoption news. She was so excited and it gave us good car talk for the drive…and made it feel SO REAL to me b/c I got to talk about it all out loud to her!

Not only did Zach suggest the trip for us, and was cool with the cost of it all, he also made us boiled peanuts for the ride. YUM

When we got to the hotel we did our typical thing of asking for free stuff. I mean it’s kinda an Emily and Casey “thing” haha. We’ve stayed at Comfort Suites before and had free cookies and nachos so we were pumped for free food. The guy was all “No, no cookies sorry” which bummed us out but then we walked in the room and had ANOTHER surprise from Zach. I mean was he just earning those points or whhhhat?!? It was an adorable gift basket filled with DELICIOUS cookies. AND it was princess themed. AND had the sweetest note that said “to 2 beautiful princesses…have fun!” I mean dang dude. Casey legit cried! It was SO sweet of him πŸ™‚

First plan? Beach time for the evening!

We got dressed cute and were pumped for a night out on the town but again had massive crowds! The Joe’s Crab Shack was SLAMMED and had an hour and a half wait so we opted to drive over to the outlets in hope of having better luck getting in somewhere quicker!

California Pizza Kitchen: YUM!

The #dfw twins!

Pro dad handled Sunday morning solo like a champ!

We stayed up until probably 2 am talking. There was laughing, there was crying, there was a lot of solving the world’s problems. πŸ™‚ Basically we both needed to sleep in but then in typical mom style we couldn’t. Actually I can. I can sleep ALL DAY but whenever I sleep over with someone/go on a trip with someone I always feel bad sleeping too long and making them sit around waiting on me to wake up. We got up just in time for the free breakfast. I told Casey she better appreciate the fact that I love her enough to go to the lobby COMPLETELY makeup free. Like didn’t even wash my face. It was not a good look!

More beach time! We went to JAX beach and y’all that public beach is SKETCHY. My anxiety was through the roof and I was a little peeved at Zach for not just letting us get a beach front room. IF you are traveling to Jax Beach I recommend a beach front room so you can avoid the creepy creepers at the public beach.

Always down for some jumping at the beach pics πŸ˜‰

The thing I love about me and Casey is our inability to run out of conversation topics. We can spend every single minute of every single day together and STILL have stuff to say to each other. We text constantly and hang out pretty often and the conversation is always flowing easily. We barely even opened the celeb magazines she brought along!

We did grub out on the cookies though!

Daddy took the kids to a local pizza and game place for dinner!

We hit up Panera for a late lunch and changed/freshened up in their bathroom. I felt a little weird about doing that but the public bathroom situation at the public beach is crazy and we both wanted to just get out of that area of town as quickly as we could so Panera for the win!

We got to H&M and did some shopping and had just enough time before they closed to do a return I had. I ordered a bunch of stuff from them online and then took it with me on the trip to return in store to avoid return shipping charges. OMG. NOT WORTH IT. I should have just paid the $7 return shipping. It legit took the guy over an HOUR to do a RETURN. Such a joke!!! Their system is ancient and clearly they just need to get with the times. I’m spoiled by Old Navy who is amazing and does free return shipping. Don’t think I’ll be ordering from H&M again anytime soon! Their sizes are all over the place (for the kids especially) and the whole process was just awful. They didn’t have an item in store I wanted and they didn’t even have a way to order it from the store and get me free shipping. Even BELK has that here!!!

We survived!

We drove around a good bit debating what to do. I mean we weren’t in a super rush to get home but couldn’t come up with many ideas. We went into some fancy Tex Mex restaurant and freaked out when we saw the prices so we left haha If you like to spend a ridiculous amount of money on things then we are not your girls πŸ˜‰

We miiiiiight have gotten a tad bit of sun!

I crack up when I compare the pic from California Pizza Kitchen to this one haha We went from cute as can be to pretty dang rough before our ride home. Our cheap butts decided to hit up O’Charley’s rather than some fancy place. To be honest, I wish we had an O’Charley’s SO BAD. It was THE place we all gathered in high school and I miss those rolls! The sleepy struggle was real for the drive home so we chatted each other up to avoid being too sleepy.

It was a short trip but SO wonderful. It really was exactly what we both needed and we had such a blast together. HUGE thank you to my AMAZING husband for taking such good care of these princesses πŸ˜‰ 

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