Bumkins Splat Mat and Bib Giveaway!

Sometimes we find a brand we LOVE and we become super loyal to it. For me, one such brand has been Bumkins. When it comes to bibs none can compare to theirs. I first got some of their bibs when Kye was just starting with solids. Y’all. That’s back in 2009. I still have ALL of his Bumkins bibs from then and they are ALL still in awesome condition! That’s saying a LOT for a bib when your child wears them 3 or more times a day and they get covered in food constantly. These bibs are SEVEN years old and still going strong!!!

My absolute favorite thing about Bumkins bibs is that they are machine washable. I wash them every week when I do laundry and simply turn the pocket out and wash then hang them to dry. EASY. I also rinse them under the sink after meals between washings. I even squirt some soap on them if they are really dirty and run them under the faucet then hang to dry and they are dry by the next meal so I can use it again (super quick-drying!).

The fit of them is great too. They have a velcro closure so it’s easy to put it on and take it off (but not too easy where my babies can figure it out themselves which is a good thing!) and they have a large pocket on them to catch food that drops. It cracks me up when my kids realize the pocket is there and will start checking it for food pieces they may have dropped in it πŸ˜‰ Plus I LOVE their patterns and colors! So many great options to keep meal time fun and messy food covered babies looking cute!

Kye rocking the Bumkins in 2009

Britt wearing the same bib of Kye’s Bumkins bibs in 2012

When Tess was born I found out they have a DISNEY LINE so one of her first presents were new bibs! 

But even she still wears brother’s bibs too!!! This was taken a couple months ago, so in Jan of 2016!  Talk about a good investment, right?!?!

Having a blog I occasionally get hooked up with free stuff but often it’s stuff that I don’t love or get overly excited about. When Bumkins contacted me they didn’t ask me for a review or tell me I needed to do a sponsored post for them. They simply contacted me to thank me for being such a loyal customer and asked if they could send me some items. Um. YEAH YOU CAN! I was blown away by the thoughtful gesture and the extremely personal note! It really made my day and made me love a company I already was so loyal to even more! 

I got with them to thank them for the great gifts and set up TWO great giveaways for you guys with them!!! Super pumped! I buy Bumkins bibs for baby shower gifts constantly (it’s one of those gifts you may not think to register for but will be SO thankful you have when the time comes!) and I always recommend them to anyone who does Baby Led Weaning! I’m so excited to have some Bumkins goodies to give away!!!

Today’s giveaway is going to be a Splat Mat and either a Junior Bib or a Sleeved Bib (winners choice in which, as well as which pattern!). I LOVED the patterns they sent out to me. They know my style πŸ™‚ 

The first bib I tried out was the Junior Bib. Now that Tess is a toddler she could use something longer than the normal bib she uses at meal times. I love that this has a slight sleeve on it and that it still has the same velcro closure and is still machine washable. Honestly I debated having Britt (my 4 year old) wear it b/c girl is MESSY. 

The Sleeved Bib isn’t something I use as often. It ties in the back which takes a little extra time (with three kids I save every second I can ha!) and it’s a little tough to put the sleeves of the bib on. However it’s something that is SO GREAT to have when you’re out to eat and your child is wearing a nicer outfit. We went out this past weekend and Tess had on a long sleeved, adorable, outfit that I didn’t want her to get filthy while eating. The bib worked GREAT for this purpose and I especially love how the sleeves of the bib have elasticized cuffs so they stay PUT!

(Tess has been having a ROUGH week…post to come…so she looks pitiful and miserable for a reason!)

The other item we’re giving away this week is the Splat Mat. I know it’s intended to use for arts and crafts but I busted that thing out immediately and put it under Britt’s chair at our kitchen table. Yes she’s 4 but she makes a MUCH bigger mess than my toddler! This thing is a life saver for me! Instead of having to sweep under her seat every single meal I just fold up the mat, take it outside, and shake it off. The dogs love having the crumbs to snack on (ha!) and I love having a clean floor. An added (again, SO thoughtful!) bonus is that the mat matches my kitchen πŸ™‚

It works great under Tess’s high chair too!

We’ve been playing around with different uses for it. It’s such a great size and SO easy to move around. Very, very lightweight and it’s also…you guessed it…machine washable! LOVE IT. I know it’d make an awesome “blanket” for “blanket time” (a Babywise principal where you train your child to stay within the boundaries of the blanket!) and it’s been something we’ve been able to use for all of our kids…from age 19 months to age 7 years πŸ™‚

What parent doesn’t stress over the dreaded stepped on a Lego moment? By having Kye contain his Legos to the splat mat, it’s not an issue!

This is Zach’s typical play-doh face. The mess play-doh makes has him super annoyed it anytime the kids pull it out…but not anymore! Splat Mat for the win for SUPER quick and easy clean up!

Of course the Splat Mat would also be fabulous for craft time. I plan to use it on the floor whenever my kids paint! I always use washable paint so it’ll be a BREEZE to toss the mat in the washer after they are done! I also think it will be really handy for dying Easter Eggs as well as decorating Christmas cookies! We LOVE our Splat Mat and truly utilize it daily! 

Here comes the fun part…the giveaway!

You can enter to win a prize pack from Bumkins including a Splat Mat of your choice as well as EITHER a Junior Bib or Sleeved Bib of your choice!) Thank you SO MUCH to Bumkins for creating such amazing products and for hooking me up with freebies as well as hosting such a great giveaway!  I’m a customer for life and I’m sure my grandkids will be rocking some Bumkins bibs someday πŸ˜‰ 

Be sure to enter to WIN and be sure to check back in next month when we have another giveaway sponsored by Bumkins!

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You can learn more about Bumkins on all of their social media platforms! 





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