Brought me to Tears

Like several other “bloggers” I follow Kelly Brown’s blog. She’s been through such a journey with her little girl! Harper, her daughter, just turned one and her husband put together a video for Kelly covering Harper’s birth and stay in the NICU. I totally wish we’d done more video taping while at the hospital! We got everyone once Kye was born but I wish we’d taken some “interviews” before hand like they did. We tried to video each other at the house before we left and my video was me in the bed mid-contraction and me saying “hi baby, please stop hurting mommy” Zach cut it off after that!

Here is a link to the post. I know it’s kind of strange to be posting about someone else’s post but it is just a very touching video. For all of us parents who gave birth to healthy babies it makes us realize just how blessed we truly were. I took for granted that Kye’s eyes opened right away. That he was breathing on his own. That I got to hold him in my arms. Got to breastfeed him. Got to bring him home within 24 hours after he was born.

It gives me chills just thinking about how hard it must have been for them. They had a hard time getting pregnant and Harper was their miracle baby then she was born and almost didn’t make it. Can you imagine??? I don’t think any of us can! I don’t even know this woman or her family yet I cried through the entire video.

I thank the Lord that I am so blessed with such a beautiful, healthy, happy little boy. I pray that I will be just as blessed to have all of my future children be born just as perfectly as he was. That I will never have to know the pain and worry of having my baby in the NICU. I pray for those who do have to go through such an experience. That He will give them strength and bless their babies with healing.

I think each of us should take a second every day to thank God for just how much He has blessed our lives!


  1. Aundrea
    January 18, 2010 / 4:08 pm

    I just bawled my head off! That was the sweetest video! My son is napping right now but makes me want to go wake him up just to hug & kiss him. I pray and thank God daily for Mason's health, but that video takes my appreciation to a new level. I agree, we take for granted so many aspects of the miracle our babies truly are. Thanks for posting this video! p.s. I'm sure you are wondering who the heck I am reading your blog 🙂 haha 🙂 I worked with Valerie Head's husband. She & I were preggers at the same time & she told me about your blog 🙂 I've enjoyed reading about your little guy over the past year… in the least stalkerish way possible 🙂

  2. Rachael
    January 19, 2010 / 1:05 pm

    I totally LOL'd when I read that you said "Hi baby, please stop hurting mommy." BAHAHAHAHABut seriously, how adorable is Kelly and how HARD did you cry when she opened her eyes?!! AGHHH that video made me nervous though everything went so great with Macy, and they had NO IDEA anything would be wrong with Harper. SO SCARY :/

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