Brittlynn’s 1st Birthday Slideshow!

Today is my sweet baby girl’s FIRST birthday!!! I seriously cannot believe it!!!

Every year for Kye’s birthday I have put together a video slideshow of pictures throughout the year. I play it at his birthday parties on our tv just to have in the background for something the guests can glance at πŸ˜‰ 

My computer is LEGIT slow as Christmas…I ordered a new one but wasn’t sure if it would get here in time for me to get it all set up, transfer pictures, then put together Britt’s slideshow. So I did it on my current computer. I spent 4 straight HOURS one night on it and only got through Britt’s first few months of life. This thing has been a true labor of love πŸ˜‰

I know a lot of people have said I shouldn’t be so worried about making things fair and equal. I’ve been stressing to get this video completed and to get Britt’s baby book done (I seriously just wish I could write “see blog post…” on each page haha) in time for her birthday. I make Kye a video every year. I had his baby book completed for his 1st birthday. So I want to make sure to do the same for her. I know it may seem silly but there are SO many things in life that I can’t control. I can’t control that Kye is older and can communicate so he gets more of my attention throughout the day. I can’t control that Kye is in school now so two of the three awake times Brittlynn has during most days are spent taking him and picking him up from school. I can’t control those things. But I CAN bust my tail to make her a video. I CAN stay up late at night to put together her baby book. Those are things in my control so I have tried my best to do them for my girl. Because I love my babies equally and I NEVER want either of them to question that πŸ™‚ 

In my effort to make things fair…I went a little overboard haha. Britt’s video actually ended up being almost TWICE as long as Kye’s have been every year! Oops! If you’ve got 42 minutes to spare feel free to check it out πŸ˜‰ And if you’re coming to her party…don’t worry I’m not going to force anyone to watch the whole thing haha Zach and I watched the completed version together a couple nights ago. It was so sweet because he doesn’t see all these pictures all the time like I do. We got to sit together and reflect on this past year and what a true BLESSING Britt has been in our lives. In only 42 minutes we got to watch her go from a fresh-out-of-the-oven newborn to the adorable toddler she is today!

Happy Birthday to my Sweet Baby Girl!!!

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If you REALLY have time to kill feel free to go back and watch all of Kye’s videos! Here’s the one from his 1st Birthday, here is his 2nd Birthday and here is his 3rd Birthday πŸ™‚


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  2. Rachael_Copponex
    December 6, 2012 / 9:47 pm

    Well you KNOW I watched it…. I pressed >> to make it faster though. Girl, I can NOT BELIEVE how awesome you looked after having her. BARF! She still looks the same but she is cuter now. Haha. I also felt like I was getting a sneak peek at the last pictures because you haven't blogged them yet! The very last picture was ADORABLE.

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