Britt School Work: Spring 2018

This year Britt made the big switch from preschool to kindergarten! She went to school all day rather than half day and rode the bus and ate lunch at school and basically just had a totally new environment and new daily routine!

Britt is my first child to attend public kindergarten as Kye didn’t start public school until 1st grade. I wasn’t nervous one bit about how Britt would do. Britt is my most social child and I knew she’d thrive with a larger class size and would enjoy making all those new connections. She was thrilled to share a school with Kye and stepped up in many ways this school year.

Britt LOVES school. She says her favorite thing about school is “doing work.” It’s neat to see her in the classroom environment because she’s SO quiet and well mannered and soft spoken. Total opposite from home haha!

In kindergarten their school doesn’t do letter or number grades and instead bases grading on a rating system. In all areas she was in the top two categories of either demonstrating, exceeding, and consistently demonstrating. Her “report card” was three pages long! They really look over every aspect of things and break down into smaller categories. It’s comforting to see that she’s excelling in each area!

Britt also took a reading test thing and honestly? I don’t really understand how to read it haha. Her literary classification was “probably reader” with a scaled score of 791. It was among the highest range of the scales. So I guess that’s good haha I mean I will probably understand better next year when it’s more based on a reading level for a grade level standard.

She received all “S” conduct scores and was recommend to be promoted to 1st grade! Both Kye and Britt’s teachers are actually moving up to 4th and 1st next year. Am I the only parent who is actually hoping my kids don’t get the same teacher again? I just think variety is a good thing and I’d prefer for them to have a new mix of classmates as well as a new teacher! Not that we didn’t like their teachers this year, I just think it’s good to have that fresh start and mix it up a bit!

I’m VERY proud of Britt and all she achieved this year. I always loved to learn and think it’s a wonderful quality for a child to have and love that Britt has it!

Britt had THE most school stuff this year…kindergarten = so many crafts 😉

Bring it on 1st grade…Britt is ready for ya!

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