Britt School Work: Spring 2017

Britt had a FABULOUS year in K4! She has blown us away with her “school skills.” She makes us so proud in seeing how much she enjoys learning and especially how well she behaves. She never pulled a single clip the entire school year!!! So awesome!

You can see her work from the Fall here!

She’s so excited and eager for kindergarten and we know she will only continue to excel!

Britt mastered majority of the items in her year end evaluation including:

  • knowing her first name
  • knowing her middle name
  • knowing her last name
  • knowing her parents names
  • knowing her age
  • knowing her birthday
  • knowing her school name
  • speaking in complete sentences
  • expands vocabulary/speaking
  • controls pencil/crayons
  • understands left/right
  • identifying all letter sounds
  • identifying all uppercase letters 
  • identifying all lowercase letters
  • writing both first and last name
  • writing all capital letters
  • writing all lowercase letters
  • writing complete words
  • writing complete sentences 
  • reading all consonant/vowel blends
  • reading all of her sight word list (yellow, on, green, five, orange, nine, two, with, black, brown, three, ten, seven, a, eight, and, the, blue, purple, in, for, four, to, was, red, no, six, i, me, am, are, white, my, gray, we, pink, one
  • route counting 1-5, 1-10 and 1-20
  • identifying all numerals
  • orders numerals
  • demonstrates ordinal numbers (1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, first, middle, last)
  • identifies all colors
  • identifies all shapes
  • names all the days of the week
  • names all the months of the year
  • names all seasons
  • recognizes calendar measurements (yesterday, today, tomorrow)

She is still in progress on controlling scissors and has mastered writing all numbers up to 20 except the number 9.  

I’m the most excited though about this!!! I just know how much Kye LOVES to read and what a great readers he is and that at this same evaluation he was a progressing reader. Knowing she’s already a confident reader makes me so eager to see how much her reading will boom in the coming year!

Of course the teacher comments are always so important to us 🙂 

Britt chose which items she wanted photos of. Throughout the year we tossed many things but she wanted to keep these for pictures. As we took the pictures we then threw 99% of the items away and held onto a few of her favorites to pack away to show her children someday 😉 

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