Britt School Work: Spring 2016

Britt LOVED school this year and I’m so thankful for her amazing teachers and all of the great staff at her pre-school. She had a wonderful end of the year report. She got “Ms” across the board (meaning mastered). This includes knowing there are 7 days in a week, knowing their are 12 months in a year, knowing there are 4 seasons in a year, describing the weather, naming all the days of the week, naming all the months of the year, naming all the seasons. 

She has also mastered all of her colors, all of her number recognition for numbers 1-15, all of her shapes, all of her letters both capital and lower case as well as their sounds. She can count to 39.

She has also mastered all of the social skills including: listening in circle time, following directions, taking turns, playing with other children, showing pride in her work, cleaning up after herself, sharing with others, washes her hands with soap and water, recognizes her written name and spells her name out loud. 

Her teacher said: “Britt has been such a joy to teach! I have thoroughly enjoyed having her in our class. She always had a big smile on her face. She did great on her evaluation! I know she will excel in K-4. Thank you for sharing her with us! I will be looking forward to Tess coming soon!”

I’m SO proud of Britt this year! She never had a SINGLE discipline issue the entire year which is super impressive. She’s going two years strong on never pulling a clip…she has a personal goal to make it three next year 😉

You can see her Fall post here!

Here is all of her fun school work from the second half of the year! 

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