Britt School Work ~ Spring 2015

Britt had a fantastic first year of school! Zach and I are both so very proud of her! She made so many friends and had so much fun. Most importantly she behaved so well and never had a single disciplinary action at school. It was so cute to see her come home with her work every day. She was always very proud and I could see an improvement in her coloring through the year. She learned a lot this year and I know she’ll continue to love school this fall!

At the end of the year her teacher filled out an evaluation and here is how Britt did:

She pointed to all the correct shapes except when asked to point to a rectangle, she pointed to a triangle.

When the teacher held up different shapes and asked Britt what shapes they were she answered all correctly except for rectangle she said “door”

Britt pointed to all the correct colors and answered correctly when showed a color and asked to say which color it was. 

Britt counted objects all the way up to 10 (which is the highest they asked) and showed all her numbers on her fingers up to 10. 

She is on target for all her fine motor skills including: holds crayon correctly, colors in lines, follows directions, builds a tower of cubes, strings beads. 

She is also on target for all of her large motor skills including: runs without falling, walks up steps, kicks ball forward without falling, jumps with both feet off ground, jumps forward, balances on one foot. 

Britt’s teacher wrote this comment “Britt has been a joy to have in class. She has mastered her year-end progress report including holder her crayon correctly. She is incredibly smart and definitely ready for K3 next year. Thank you for sharing your sweet daughter with me.” 

Here is Britt’s work from the second half of the school year. As like Kye’s we throw away most of it after taking the pictures, some of it we display in the playroom and some we save in a file to pack away! 

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