Britt School Work: Fall 2017

Britt started kindergarten this year! It’s been a new experience for our family as Kye attended kindergarten in a half-day setting at the same place he attended preschool. Britt was excited and eager to be at school with Kye! She rides the bus home with him and has full day kindergarten. I was a tad nervous about this transition but it’s been a very, very smooth one. Britt is a high sleep needs kid so I was surprised she adjusted so well to not napping but she’s done great with it and truly LOVES school. Britt is my most extroverted child so I think the larger class size setting suites her well and allows her to make many different connections and relationships.

She has done SO well with school! Her teacher says she is super sweet and a pleasure to teach and Britt continues to not break her streak of never having a single disciplinary issue since she started school back at age 2 ½!

They don’t do actual letter grades for kindergarten but do check boxes on a TON of items (it’s 3 pages long!) and she’s “graded” on each item if she’s not demonstrating, emerging in that area, developing, demonstrating, or exceeding. They also mark areas of concern as well as ares where she’s consistently demonstrating. She received marks in either developing, demonstrating or exceeding and consistently demonstrating in every area. I can’t fathom how the teacher is able to mark each of these boxes for ALL these students!!!

Britt truly loves school and loves to learn and loves her friends. She loves being with Kye at school and is so eager to have Tess join them!

Here are her favorite work pieces from this semester:

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