Britt School Work ~ Fall 2014

Britt started school in August. She attends a 3 day a week, half-day program. Her class is for 2.5 year old kids so next year she will be in a 3 year old class. She will have 3 years of preschool prior to starting kindergarden. 

I was a bit nervous about Britt starting school. She is very high-energy and very dramatic. I expected to have reports home regarding her behavior. But we haven’t had a SINGLE one. She did tell me that she sat in timeout one time b/c she was knocking on the wall. But that’s it. And there wasn’t a note sent home about it and she still received her treasure box toy that week so it must have been a minor offense. 

I’ve known her teachers for several years now. Her head teacher was Kye’s assistant teacher when he was in the 2.5 year old class and her helper teacher is a parent of a little girl who Kye has been in class with all throughout his preschool years. I am SO thankful she’s with such sweet and wonderful teachers and I have LOVED hearing the great comments they tell me about her throughout the year. It makes my heart SO happy. 

I really do think Britt’s great school behavior shows that you can have two TOTALLY different personality types in your children but if you raise them in a consistent way that you can still have the same, well behaved and respectful, results! At least so far 😉 

Britt’s class sent home a mid-year progress report. Something I love about Britt is how committed she is to her answers. I watched in her class one day and the teacher asked what day of the week it was. Britt was loud and proud and straight up WRONG and it didn’t phase her. She kept shouting out the wrong answers just as confidently. It cracked me up and I was in awe of her b/c I was NOT that kid. I would never volunteer an answer unless I was positive I was right and if I was wrong I’d be embarrassed. I love her confidence! 

When I read her midterm I laughed because I can just hear her telling her teacher the answers and being so sure of herself even though she was wrong on so many of them. Her teacher showed her different shapes. Britt got a circle and square right but she called a rectangle and triangle and a triangle a rectangle.

Her teacher held up shapes and asked her to name them. Britt called a square a triangle, a rectangle a square, and got both triangle and circle correct. 

She did much better with her colors and got them ALL correct. Both when the teacher pointed to a color and asked her to name it and also when the teacher showed her colors and told her to point at certain ones. 

In the social category Britt did everything “most of the time” including: plays with friends, shares with friends, answers questions during circle time, sings songs at circle time, follows simple interactions like “put your zippy cup into your back pack”

When asked her name Britt replied “Britt Parker”

She can do all the motor skills including jumping up, jumping over, and stacking blocks

We do need to work on the way she holds her crayons, markers, and paint brush. But she can paint an entire picture during table time. 

Britt can show up to number 5 on her fingers. She can also count all the way to 30 without error (this impressed her teacher…thank YOU hide and seek haha!)

Of course y’all know the teacher comments are my favorite. Her teacher said ” Britt is a kind hearted, well mannered, and fun loving girl. She plays very well with her friends. Britt did well on her evaluation. Please continue to work on shape recognition and holding a marker. She is such a pleasant addition to our classroom. Thank you for letting us know your sweet daughter.”

Britt has LOVED getting to have her pictures taken of her work 🙂 Here’s everything she’s brought home during the fall!

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