Britt Monthly Summary: September

This post is a summary of Britt’s month of September!

Britt’s class hosted their “Donuts with Dad” this month. Britt was SO excited about it and it made Zach feel really special because we are used to Kye who was always more excited about the donuts than anything else but Britt was ALL about her Daddy coming to school with her πŸ˜‰ 


They did a building craft together in the classroom (which Britt still has on her dresser!)

I LOVE this! I was impressed with how many she actually answered correctly (like his eye color?!?) and love that they are legit answers. Although of course we know Daddy doesn’t consider going to work to be fun πŸ˜‰ And we know that Britt’s favorite food is corn…I’m not sure if that’s Zach’s! 

This month was a BIG month in the world of Britt: she turned forward facing in her car seat! I’ve written multiple posts about car seat safety. You can see this particular post for more about Britt’s ability to be rear facing until almost 4!

I will say she wasn’t in love with being forward facing. She complained that her legs weren’t comfortable. Which is pretty hilarious since most people turn their children forward facing at younger ages b/c “their feet are getting squished.” Britt was used to having her feet and legs supported and now that she’s forward facing they dangle down which isn’t as comfortable. 

She also drops her toys more often b/c there isn’t the back of the seat in front of her to stop that from happening. She also constantly tells me we are lost and going the wrong way haha I guess looking out the back window for your entire life can mess up your sense of direction πŸ˜‰

I sure do love seeing her in my rear view mirror though. I know people get in wrecks a lot from texting and driving but my struggle is keeping my eyes on the road instead of watching her the whole time! She’s so cute and seeing her little face when she talks and sings is addicting πŸ™‚

Britt is LOVING school! There weren’t enough people wanting a 3 day class for her age group so she’s in a 5 day class but only attends 3 days. It’s been a little tough b/c she wants to go the extra two days (“but Mommy my friends miss me!”). They do send home all the work she doesn’t do since she misses those two days which is kinda awesome. It’s worked out great because Kye has homework most days after school and Britt loves doing “her homework” too. Usually she is still sitting at the table after he’s finished. She takes a LOT of pride in her work which makes my heart happy!

In the mornings at drop off we get there SO EARLY because there is a 30 min difference from when Kye needs to be at school until Britt needs to be there. I never would let Kye sit up front with me but Britt gets to b/c that way we can talk easier before she gets out πŸ™‚ 

Sometimes she lucks out and gets a breakfast date with daddy between dropping Kye and her time for school. I’m jealous πŸ™‚

It IS nice that our Walgreens opens at 8 so if I have something I need I can swing in there real quick after dropping Kye. It’s an easy way to run a quick errand πŸ™‚

Dancing is Britt’s FAVORITE thing. She loves it. She talks a lot about how excited she is for gymnastics camp next summer but I really think she’ll want to do dance camp instead because it’s her absolute favorite thing. I did talk to Zach about us signing her up for classes. I know I’m pretty anti-that but I do wonder if it would help her behavior improve? I know Zach NEEDS an outlet (golf, basketball, etc) and maybe Britt is wired that way too? Maybe having an outlet would help her release some of that energy and be better able to have a better outlook overall? It’s something we are toying with!

We got an American Girl Catalog in the mail and Britt was so cute about it. She was in love with the dolls and I found this page with one circled and her name beside it πŸ™‚ So sweet! I told her IF she starts playing with her other dolls (she has some Disney dolls with “real hair”) then maybe when she turns 5 we can consider an American Girl Doll. I know they are crazy expensive but I do think it’s so great that they teach lessons in their book series and I remember loving mine as a kid!

This child is THE messiest eater. This is the common sight. Britt sitting on like the corner of the chair where she’s almost standing. Her placemat pushed away from where it actually needs to be to catch the food. The plate also far away from her. And whatever food she’s eating ALL over her face. And hands. And hair. And table. And floor. And chair. And wall behind her. 

This is also another coming site at meals. Crying. Sobbing. Complaining. Whining. All over eating her food. Whew. Guys it’s no joke! We set a timer and give her PLENTY of time to eat. I also give her portions that are often less than I give Tess. She has more than enough time to finish the food. She even likes majority of it! Yet this is still a common outcome. I’m more than ready for this eating issue phase to pass!

Britt usually is asleep when Kye gets off the bus (typically I have to wake her at 4 from nap!) but she LOVES getting to see him when she is awake! it’s so cute πŸ™‚

Suckers I brought back from my girl’s Disney trip πŸ™‚

Britt is also becoming more and more of a “big sister” to Tess. She likes to be that example for her and I’m so thankful that Kye has always been such an awesome big brother. He set the bar high and Britt is really stepping up in a big way here lately! 

This is the common Britt picture struggle. I end up posting pics where her smile isn’t as cute b/c the ones where she IS smiling cute the other kids aren’t! I promise she has a beautiful smile that she DOES show πŸ™‚

Even as a baby this girl LOVES to be outside!

Britt loves to play our nightly games and now that I’m done nursing I can finally participate! Since Britt has been old enough to stay up and play I have been nursing Tess and very rarely get to enjoy game time with her. I love spending that kind of quality time with the kids!

Britt is VERY into pretend play now. She makes up a lot of stories with her toys and I love to listen to them. She sets them up and has them tell stories and has them all match up with their doll type (like the BIG Belle doll is the Mommy to the little Belle doll she has etc). 

As I mentioned earlier, Britt still sleeps VERY solid. She’s always been a high sleep needs child and she sleeps most days for her nap. Usually she takes a little while to fall asleep but then I will have to wake her at 4. Sometimes she’s SO asleep that it takes legit work to wake her up! She also often has to be woken up in the morning. She goes to bed at night at 7:15 so I know she’s getting plenty of sleep. Can you imagine when she’s a teenager?

Sneaking in some hand holding while she’s crashed!

More About Britt:

  • While at Disney Zach took her to the bathroom at Be Our Guest and she asked “is this Belle’s bathroom?” 
  • Instead of “commercials” she says “commercinals” (which our kids call the “fast play” feature on Disney movies watching the commercials haha)
  • Instead of independent playtime she says “capendent playtime”
  • She’s had no discipline issues at school! 
  • Her favorite movie right now is Incredibles
  • She ALWAYS wants her hair fixed
  • Britt freaked me out a little by telling me she’s only going to have two more birthdays. She also at another time on a different day said she’s never going to turn 8. She better have more than 2 more birthdays and she also better turn 8!!!
  • She’s been doing great at independent playtime and seems to play better with Kye after they have that time apart
  • Her personality is naturally a “glass have empty” type which is a struggle for me
  • She can push my buttons and there are times I have to just physically remove myself from the situation. I often have her go to her room so I can collect myself. I never ever want to lose my temper with my babies and just a few minutes to cool off really helps me be more patient and loving and kind towards her during our moments (making a note to remember that when she’s a teen!)
  • She has issues right now saying “yeah” rather than “yes ma’am” which I’m pretty sure Kye went through with school to!
  • She still very much talks like a baby. It’s her natural voice and it’s adorable but I’m not sure if it’s something to be concerned about? I wouldn’t be surprised if speech is discussed with me at some point by one of her teachers 
  • An older couple at church came up to me one Sunday and asked if I was Britt’s mom and told me that she is SO SMART which was such a nice thing to hear! With little girls you always hear about how cute/pretty they are πŸ™‚


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