Britt Monthly Summary: November

This post covers everything about Britt from November!

This month Britt had her special Thanksgiving Day at school. We’ve been attending this school for several years now (since Kye was 2 ½) and every year the Thanksgiving celebration has been a BIG production. This year though they decided to scale it back to just visiting the kid’s classes. Britt’s teacher sent home a letter about making an Indian costume for her to wear…and I totally cheated and bought one instead haha. It was $3 on Amazon. I was like spend $3 for an already made costume or spend more than $3 and have the headache of making the costume. Um. Amazon won 🙂 

Britt is SO sweet when Zach or I get to visit her class. She is truly SO thrilled to have us and excited for us to visit. Kye was/is always more pumped about the treats during school functions than us being there haha so it’s nice to feel wanted and it’s sweet that she appreciates it so much! Im’ thankful to Mrs Charlotte for keeping Tess so I could have some quality time with my big girl!

My little Indian!

They sang some songs and did a really cute poem about Thanksgiving that went along with beaded bracelets they had made!

We ate some treats and made a fun owl craft together then got to play on the playground with her class before heading out! It was a fun morning together!

Both Britt and Tess were sick this month (I discussed this in detail on our family post) and Britt was the more sick of the two. She stayed sick an entire week which is the longest I’ve ever had a kid be sick! She was acting fine but had a temp that kept spiking. She didn’t mind lots of movie watching and snuggling!

This month Britt’s school collected shoe boxes for Operation Christmas Child. I took the kids to the dollar store to fill up boxes. She was excited about it and was old enough to really understand more about the purpose behind it 🙂

Britt is THE messiest eater in the world. We always joke that she’s like an old friend of ours, Ashley. Ashley liked to feel her food on her lips before eating it and Britt is so the same way. She ends up with food in her hair and in the most unexpected places! 

Britt LOVES to draw and after our girls trip she was really into drawing scenes from our trip. Typically they included us and the hot tub and our princess hotel room 🙂 I love it! She really appreciated our trip SO much and it makes my heart so happy! 

We’ve gotten Britt’s hair trimmed a few times now, most recently over Thanksgiving break. But girl still has some LONG hair. I don’t think it looks too long? But it’s one of those things that IF it does look like it should be shorter I need someone to tell me haha I see her too much to be able to tell! 

Now that Kye is in school all day Britt really is filling his shoes in so many areas. She plays super well with Tess and has become more and more of a helper to me as well. She loves to be in the kitchen and loves to be hands on in cooking! Especially with the taste testing 🙂

Britt is a PARKER in SO many ways! One way is that she cannot stand material too tightly against her skin. I know Zach and Casey are both like that. Britt doesn’t like long sleeves or long pants and especially not turtlenecks. I had planned for her to wear this super cute sweater for our family pics but by her reaction you can tell I went ahead and returned that beast 😉

More About Britt:

  • Britt did SO great when she was sick about covering her mouth! Growing up we just covered our coughs with our hands and it’s so smart now that the thing is to “hug your mouth” when you cough so it goes into your elbow. It’s HARD for me to make it a habit for myself but Britt has it down!
  • Even after she no longer had a cough Britt kept the cough game going and would do fake coughs in the car a lot…it was cute b/c then Tess would copy her and fake cough too so they’d keep going over and over
  • Britt LOVES her nails painted and is SO careful with them when they are painted
  • At the dr for her sickness visits she was 40.5 inches tall and weighed 30 lbs!


This month was such a great month for Britt and I! We had two weekends together and really bonded so much. I’m so blessed to have her in my life and to get to be her mother is such a gift from the Lord! 

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