Britt Monthly Summary – March

This is all the random stuff about Britt from the month of March!

The biggest news of this month was Britt’s decision to wean from her fingers! We spent the whole month really focused on that goal and ended the month by celebrating πŸ™‚ You can read more about the process here! Britt wore a bandaid on one of her fingers as a reminder not to suck…so most of the pics from this month you’ll notice the bandaid πŸ™‚

While I’m SO beyond proud of Britt for this HUGE step of no longer sucking her fingers…it made sleep times an issue. She has always been my best sleeper and my child who LOVES sleep the most. But without her comfort object (her fingers) she started resisting naps and night time sleep and many times I left the room with an upset child. She would always end up falling asleep and it never resulted in any behavior issues, but I hated her not being happy to go to bed anymore and hated how long it started to often take her to fall asleep. Many naps she’d take an hour or more to fall asleep!

Sleeping finger free!

G-Mama gave her a special locket when she stopped sucking her fingers πŸ™‚

On top of her finger issues this month Britt also had the flu. Which is SO random because we got flu shots this year and it’s kinda late in the season for it? On Kye’s birthday Britt was acting totally normal and fine but before bed she sat in Zach’s lap and he said he could just feel heat. We took her temp and she had a 102 fever! That’s the highest temp any of my kids have ever had. She sweat out the fever that night and was acting fine the next morning but I still took her in because we had Kye’s birthday party that weekend! I was shocked when they said flu. They actually at first thought she might have a UTI because she had such a high temp with no other symptoms. Thankfully we must have caught it early because she was totally fine in time for the party and no one else in our family caught it from her!

Britt’s picky eating is getting SO MUCH better! Our “pick a pile” rule is legit! If you need a refresher: at meals I always give Britt some food I know she’ll like and then I also give her whatever is served for the family. I make two piles on her plate of the foods I know she’s less likely to want to eat and tell her she can pick a pile. It’s made meal times a LOT better. And she’s discovering she likes a lot more food than she had thought πŸ™‚

I took all three kids solo to dinner this month (more on that in Tess’s summary post) and Britt was hilarious. We were in line to order food and saw this poster and she started laughing. She said “that man looks SO funny!!!” I asked her what was funny about him. I was expecting her to say his clothes…or the beard…but she said “his glasses!” bahaha

Also random but a couple months ago I mentioned the great Nala debated. I think this clearly settles it. The little one IS Nala like for sure and she looks like the big one so I believe it’s safe to assume big one is NALA πŸ™‚ Boom!

Britt LOVES her nighty! And she often asks to get a picture of her wearing it before bed πŸ™‚ I think I’ve created picture loving little monsters huh? πŸ˜‰

Britt got chosen to get up on the stage during Chapel this month and help lead a song with her friend!

I love baking and cooking with Britt. She’s a great helper and truly enjoys the experience. It makes the “chore” of cooking for the family so much more fun by having her with me!

Since she was a baby Britt’s always been her happiest self outside πŸ™‚ I loved that we had such amazing weather this month that allowed for us to play outdoors and not be freezing but also not yet be burning up!

Sisters problems haha!

Britt LOVES to be pushed in the swing and every time she swings we sing “Let’s Go Fly A Kite!”

She will do anything her brother does πŸ™‚

Britt is the queen of the busted lip. It has happened so many times in her life already that I never panic anymore. I just go run a wash cloth under cold water and have her bite it to make sure her teeth are okay. She has such huge, full lips and then VERY sharp teeth that it’s just a combo asking for a busted lip. Plus, let’s be real, she’s pretty clumsy at times haha!

Britt enjoys playing games and has really started to like our Red Rover Game! It’s a GREAT game for preschoolers and is something they can play on their own. It helps them learn colors and numbers πŸ™‚ 

Britt also LOVES to read. I find her all the time with a stack of books and reading out loud to herself. It makes me SO happy to see!

Britt’s bedtime is between 7:15-7:30. Usually I’m still nursing Tess so Britt will come to give me a kiss and then I’ll go spend some time with her after I’m done nursing. She’s always so eager to give her mama some kisses. 

Britt continues to have her own sense of style…

More about Britt:

  • With it being Kye’s birth month Britt, naturally, wanted a way to make it about her. So all month she talked about how she’s almost 4.
  • I had to reminder her,  a lot, that it was Kye’s special day and not hers. I’ve joked with Zach that I bet she got the flu on purpose to get some attention on her! And I really do legit think a big motivator for her to stop sucking her fingers was because it gave her more of our attention!
  • She is a GREAT swimmer. She can hold her breath across the entire pool so easily. She’s super proud of her swimming abilities
  • Tess was crying at the start of her nap one morning and Britt was sitting outside of Tess’s door singing sweetly “go to sleep close your eyes everything is going to be ok” over and over again very softly. Then when Tess went to sleep Britt took so much pride in it and thought she was the reason
  • She’s doing SO well with first time obedience. I require her to say “yes ma’am” and she’s responding very well to it. She is also doing well when I have her repeat my answer to me. She typically asks things over and over and whines a lot. By saying NO firmly and then when she asks again saying “What was my answer Britt?” its really help minimize the whining issues. 
  • When Kye got his bike at church this month Britt was hilarious. Zach and I both went to see Kye’s bike presentation and it was our first time upstairs with the children’s bible class thing since Britt has moved up there. Anytime they said anything positive about Kye she would interrupt and say something about herself! Child LOVES attention!!! It surprised us and was very funny! But also a good reminder that we need to make sure she understands that everything isn’t always about her all the time πŸ˜‰
  • Britt woke a couple times this month at 1 am to go poop
  • It was raining one afternoon and so we told Britt she could use her umbrella. Then when she went to use it she started crying and got so upset because she didn’t want her umbrella to get wet! She’s the same way with shoes. She never wants them to get dirty!
  • We talked about who the kids want to marry someday and at first Britt said Tess. And then she said Casey. And then she said Jordan πŸ™‚
  • She’s getting really great at coloring! She’s doing SUPER good at coloring in the lines. She’s also very heavy handed with the crayons
  • She reminds me of Zach as she’s always singing a random song
  • It’s so shocking to me how quiet and reserved she is at school! 


Me and My Big Girl!

I love that Britt has such a unique and wonderful personality. I love that she’s truly her own person and that she has so many different ways of expressing herself. I’m so blessed to be her mommy!

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