Britt is 17 Months Old!

Britt turned 17 Months old on May 6th! According to What to Expect The Toddler Years here is a summary of where she is in her development compared to other kids her age!

pinable image what to expect with a 17 month old toddler

Britt is able to do all the things a 17 month old should be able to do including:

  • use two words
  • drink from a cup (I’m assuming sippy is what they mean?)

She is also able to do the only thing it says a toddler her age will probably be able to do which is:

  • build a tower of two cubes

Britt can do all three things a toddler her age may possibly be able to do including:

  • walk up steps
  • remove an article of clothing
  • “feed” a doll

She can also do everything a 17 month old may even be able to do including:

  • build a tower of four cubes
  • identify two items in a picture by pointing
  • combine words
  • throw a ball overhand
  • speak and be understood half of the time

Britt has been expressing her anger lately by throwing her toys so I was glad to see a section on this issue in this chapter and to know that it’s common for this age.

The book suggested giving her lots of opportunity TO throw BALLS in the appropriate setting (outside!) and to not allow her to throw anything other than balls. Which we haven’t been.

Typically I will just sternly say “NO MA’AM!” when she throws a toy and take it away and tell her she lost the privilege b/c she threw it.

She gets SUPER upset about it and I guess it helps? I need to do better about disciplining her for it as I do think it’s disobedience and that she KNOWS not to throw her toys by now!

A lot of this chapter talked about play groups and it made me a little sad….Britt has barely any friends her age so poor girl hardly EVER has play dates.

With Kye they happened ALL the time so I feel guilty about it and hope once she only has one nap a day that we will be able to organize get togethers with kids her age more often.

I do think play dates are important for her to learn social skills and such that she just can’t learn by playing with her brother…although I’m SO thankful they have each other!!!

Britt still sucks her fingers when she is sleepy and when she first goes down for sleep (usually on the baby monitor I can see that she doesn’t actually have them in her mouth while sleeping).

She’ll also suck them when she’s upset.

I really am not stressing about it at all and this chapter discussed thumb sucking and said most kids naturally stop before age 4. I don’t plan to do anything about it.

Once she gets older (we stopped Kye’s paci at 2) then I will start to take the fingers out of her mouth and tell her she can only suck them in her bed. What she does in her bed, is her business.

I know I have a video monitor so I CAN see her but I personally don’t agree with disciplining for things I “shouldn’t” be able to know about. If she wants to suck her fingers, it’s fine by me.

But she needs to do that in the bed only once she’s old enough to know better 🙂

You can see Kye’s 17 Month Post HERE! I love the pictures from that month of his cute hair cut 🙂

I’ve had people ask me about when we will cut Britt’s hair…um never? Haha Seriously though…I don’t really like straight across bangs and her hair is SO pretty that I don’t plan to give it the first trim anytime soon!

She won’t have some crazy down-to-her-booty hair or anything, but I do think we’ll let it grow pretty long! You can also look back at Britt’s 16 month post HERE!

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  1. Robyn Mullican
    June 13, 2013 / 6:32 pm

    I love her hair!! And once LL's got to be a little bit longer than this, it really started looking suuuuper pretty.Another random thing – where do you find toy cell phones like this?? I've been looking like a crazy person for one for Coop and can't find it at all!

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