Britt 9 Year Pediatrician Well Visit

Britt’s 9 year well check up at the pediatrician fell on a day that Spear had school and my original plan was to have some solo bonding time with Britt by herself but thennnn Spear failed his hearing test at his 3 year well check-up and they wanted him to come back for a re-test so I asked if I could just have him tag along for hers 😉

Britt got to have a little taste of #momlife the morning of her appointment (January 7th) as we dropped Tess off at school and then went by Sam’s. It was so helpful having her along to keep Spear entertained and she loved being a helper!

We dropped Spear off at school and I surprised her with a little coffee date. The church where Spear’s preschool is located has a coffee shop inside. Mrs. Charlotte, Courtney and Casey all LOVE the Red Owl coffee so I had to send ’em pics and get confirmation that me and Britt are officially Parker Ladies now since we’ve had Red Owl 😉

Ever since Britt was itty bitty she’s LOVED the smell of coffee. We’d run into Starbucks to go potty or something when traveling and she’d always go on and on about the smell. She LOVES a coffee date with Mommy and I bet once she’s old enough to have actual coffee that she will LOVE it. Right now though she’s stuck with drinking hot chocolate when we go on coffee dates.

I loved the chance to just sit and talk with her without any interruptions! We had some quality time before checking Spear out of school to head to the doctor.

Britt struggled a bit with her vision screening, she did fully pass and they said she didn’t need any further eye exam right now but that her left eye is compensating a bit. Britt LOVES glasses so if one of my kids need ’em she’d be the best one to have to have them! We’ve already been down that road though with her glasses ordeal so no need to revisit it all just yet 😉

Spear had his hearing re-tested AND he failed again in one ear. We ended up getting a referral to an ENT which was fine but also there is only ONE in town and they don’t take our insurance so it’s an expensive referral. The doctor also had him do another round of antibiotics to hopefully dry up the liquid sitting in his ear and completely heal the ear infection.

I packed their lunch and plenty to do while we waited…and of course it was a day that goes as it always does. When you come prepared to wait, it’s quick! But hey I will take quick every day!!!

At nine years old Britt is 54 1/4 inches tall (80th percentile) and 64 lbs (45th percentile).

At eight years old she was 51.5 inches tall (75th percentile), 54 lbs (35th percentile). She’s gained 10 lbs and 2.75 inches in one year! Growing girl!

The average they look for is 2 inches of growth per year so she def did have a bit of a growth spurt, which I feel like is an every-year occurrence for her. Her height prediction is that she’ll be 5’10” at age 18 which is also the same height it predicts Spear will be haha!

To compare at Kye’s 9 year well visit he was 53.52 inches tall (50th percentile) and 64 lbs 8 oz (49th percentile). Also per usual Britt continues to be taller than he is at this age. I feel like we’re eventually going to get to the point where he is taller, but we’ll see!

We chatted a bit about puberty days to come ahead. When I was her age I started really going through those changes and started my cycle for the first time. However she’s not showing ANY signs of puberty being on the way yet so we have plenty of time.

The doctor said usually you’ll see certain signs like budding of the chest or some hair to signify that starting to have a period for the first time is about 2 years away. Since Britt doesn’t have any of that – we probably have a few years to go which is a GREAT thing for us all haha! I wish I didn’t have to deal with all that junk myself as young as I had to!

Spear did great for the visit (and asked for a picture with the “ice thing”) and Britt and I enjoyed our time together getting to skip school for a bit 😉

Always so thankful for healthy babies and glad for a great check up for my growing girl!

9 year old well check pediatrician visit

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