Britt 3 Year ~ Tess 3 Months Photos {Family}

Yesterday I shared with y’all my favorites of the kids individual pics from our recent photo session with Captured By Colson. Today I wanted to share my favorites of the family photos! In the past I’ve done outfit changes for us all during the session to get some Christmas card photos. This time? I just had us all stay in the same clothes. Hello. Three kids? Wardrobe change? No thanks! When I picked our outfits I went with something that would work for holiday as well as just for everyday photos that I could hang in the house. I REALLY love how all our outfits came together and am SO happy with all of these photos!!!

We didn’t do individual parent pics with each child. My main goal of this photo session was to get a couple great pics of our entire family but mostly to get really, really great ones of the kids solo. Both goals were achieved for SURE and next time we do pics my main goal is probably going to be to get some awesome sibling pics! I adore these but would love some more as it’s really impossible for me at home to get all three kids together and snap the picture ๐Ÿ˜‰ 

We did get a couple shots of each of us with Tess solo. Since it’s her 3 month pics I wanted to make sure she had special attention since we did have several of us solo with each of the other kids at this age ๐Ÿ™‚ 








When we first got there Lindsay and Zach went ahead and got the big kids pics while I nursed Tess. I’m so glad she snapped a couple of Kye and Britt together. These two are such great buddies now and have such a special bond! 




Sibling Life haha!


Tess is at an adorable, but hard to photograph, age. She’s not as flexible and bendable as she was as a newborn, yet she also can’t sit unassisted yet. I know I have a hard time at home figuring out how to position her when I take pictures right now! I know in the coming months she will be sitting up and it’ll get easier ๐Ÿ˜‰ Linsday was so great being patient with working with three crazy kids and managed to get them all in some cute pics together!






We have very few pics of our whole family together. It’s HARD to get family photos the larger your family gets!!! I love, love, love these!










Last year during our holiday pictures Lindsay snapped a couple of just Zach and I together. Yes, getting a photo of all 5 of us is hard…but a photo of just Zach and I? I mean that never happens! I appreciate that she took the time to take some of us. Kye and Britt were happy to run in the field and play and Tess was as content as could be on a blanket nearby. So we weren’t completely alone…but we were about as close to it as possible at this point in our lives ๐Ÿ˜‰ 










We were done and back home in under 2 hours but have photos that we will enjoy for a lifetime! It all went so wonderfully and I am excited for our next session with Captured by Colson in February (how in the world will we possibly top these?!?!)! If you are looking for a photographer then contact Lindsay! Not only does she do awesome work, but she’s got great pricing and extremely fast turn around times. She specializes in weddings, family, and anything else you may want to have photos of!!! She books quick so contact her asap if you’re interested in booking ๐Ÿ™‚ 

Can’t wait to hear which photos you liked best! It was SO hard for me to choose!

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