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Britt's Two Year Photos: Family

Sunday, January 5, 2014

I LOVE pictures of my kids by themselves and of them together but my favorite pics are of our whole family together. I think it's so neat to see how we change over time and can't wait until Zach and I are little old grandparents looking back at all of our family photos. I know these will be some of our happiest memories! 

These are the rest of the pictures from our photo session with Lindsay from Captured by Colson! If you live in the South Ga/North Fl area be sure to check out her work! She does everything from weddings to family photos to senior portraits...the sky is the limit :) I recommend "liking" her Facebook Page as well as she runs lots of great contests and many minisessions throughout the year!

You can see the kids pictures from this session HERE!

I LOVE Britt's cheesy grins in these!!!

HAHA Classic Britt ;)
Hands down THIS is my FAVORITE family photo! Britt looks adorable and the rest of us look pretty good too ;)
Back to the silly smile haha

Zach and I rarely get pictures together. I'm so glad we took the time to get these. I adore them and him! 

Christmas photos! Went with gold, black and gray this year for the color combos

Yes, Britt is holding her shoe...

Christmas Card worthy :)
Zach and I also took our pics for the pregnancy announcement! I knew with my own math that I'd probably be due August 1st but since I hadn't been to the dr yet I wanted to take some with both a July and an August due date so I'd be covered either way!

Zach had a little tooooo much fun with this!

No, I didn't use a silly one...I used this one for the announcement!
This year I went a different route for our Christmas cards. I send out roughly 175 each year and it gets expensive. To cut costs I did postcards!!! While I did save a good bit on postage...the post cards themselves were still pretty pricey! I really loved working with Tiny Prints on some stuff this year and they were wonderful in rewarding me for our work together so the discount I got def helped! I will for sure be using Tiny Prints again in the future as I think these were my favorite cards yet!
I am SO pleased with how all of our photos from this session turned out! I'm working with Lindsay now to set up Kye's 5 year old session. Yes, FIVE YEARS OLD!!! Ahhhh...crazy to think about and it's just around the corner! I'm hoping I'll be at a cute pregnant stage so we can get some maternity shots too ;) With a new baby on the way Lindsay is going to be seeing a LOT of us in 2014!!!


  1. Super cute pics, as usual.....I loved the post card idea!!! So, did Kye ask why he was holding up the little chalk board for the announcement pic?

  2. Kristen KliethermesJanuary 5, 2014 at 8:28 PM

    Yea you all are adorable! Love seeing these cute pictures! My question is, how do you choose! My walls would be COVERED in photos because I wouldn't want to take the older ones down. What do you do?

  3. These seriously turned out AMAZING! Your tan looks awesome!


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