Books to Help Prepare Kids for Life Changes

Something that I’m very passionate about is helping prepare my children, the best I can, for life changes. From potty training, to a new sibling, to the dentist, to starting school I find kids do best when faced with new situations when they have been prepared for them. 

A big way I help prepare my children is to talk about things. We talk and talk and talk some more. I explain what’s going to happen, I find positive aspects to focus on regarding the new situation, I ask if they have questions, and I pray with them regarding it. 

I find that a “third party” really helps when it comes to parenting. Kids hear us talk and talk all day about all sorts of things. Sometimes when we say something it may not stick with them as much as when someone else says it. What better way to have that third party credibility than to read a book (or several) on the situation you are preparing them for? The book can help drive home the points you are making and help them to really understand the changes that are happening. 

Here is a list of my favorite books to help kids be prepared for life changes (I love Amazon and have found them to be the easiest place to hunt down books for my kids on certain topics!):

Potty Training: You can read my blog post about how I potty train my kids here

Once Upon a Potty -- BoyShop on Amazon Once Upon a Potty -- BoyShop on Amazon

New Sibling: Since pregnancy does last so long and since a new sibling is such a HUGE change we own a TON of books on this topic, here are my tips for helping children prepare for a new sibling

The New BabyShop on Amazon

I'm a Big SisterShop on Amazon

I'm a Big BrotherShop on Amazon

The Berenstain Bears' New B...Shop on Amazon

Cornelius P. Mud, Are You R...Shop on Amazon


The Berenstain Bears and Ba...Shop on Amazon

Breaking a Bad Habit: My post on weaning from the pacifier is here and weaning from finger sucking is here

The Berenstain Bears and th...Shop on Amazon

Explaining Death: You can see my suggestions for helping children cope with tough emotional situations here

What is Heaven Like?Shop on Amazon

First Dentist Visit: I also highly recommend talking up the treasure box as well as discussing good dental health while brushing teeth which you can read more about in my post on my son’s first dentist visit here

The Berenstain Bears Visit ...Shop on Amazon

The Tooth Book (Bright & Ea...Shop on Amazon

Doctor Visit:
 I also have toy dr kits so my children can “play doctor” and understand that the doctor isn’t scary!

The Berenstain Bears Go to ...Shop on Amazon

Starting School:

Time for School, Mouse! (If...Shop on Amazon

Pinkalicious: School Rules!...Shop on Amazon

Moving: We moved with my son when he was too young to need help in the transition but I remember moving when I was 5 and my parents giving me this book and I loved it and it helped ME so I highly recommend it to others as well!

The Berenstain Bears' Movin...Shop on Amazon

We LOVE to read in our house and you can see our family favorite books here!

Reading is such a fun activity to do together that has many, many benefits. I have truly seen a difference in my children when faced with new situations when they have read a book on the topic prior to experiencing it. Life gets busy and it’s easy to forget to take that time to truly prepare our children, but when we do it always pays off!

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