Blitzen Baby Name Hints!!!!!

The five or so of you who were around back when I had Kye may remember that we didn’t find out if he was a boy or a girl and we didn’t tell any names either. When he was born we STILL didn’t use his name until after we announced it to everyone. And we still haven’t told anyone the girl’s name we had picked out for Kye, because we knew we’d be having more children and would most likely use that name for a girl then!

Here are the clues I gave out for Clover’s real name!

And now it’s time to give you some clues to try to figure out what Blitzen’s real name will be 🙂 Happy guessing!!!

1. Three of the four names (boy first and middle, girl first and middle) start with consonants. One starts with a vowel.

2. All of the four names end in a consonant.

3. If Blitzen is one sex, it will be called by it’s middle name.

4. If Blitzen is the other sex, it will be called by it’s first name or possibly an abbreviated version of the first name. We’re waiting to meet the baby before fully deciding on that!

5. Both of the first names are two syllables.

6. One of the middle names is one syllable, the other is two syllables.

7. We do not plan to have the name we call any of our children have the same first letter as us or any of our other children.

8. We try to have original names for our children and none of the four names are the same as anyone we know or are related to (Jordan is my FAVORITE name EVER…for either girl or boy but Casey had to go off and get engaged to a Jordan so now I can’t ever us it!).

9. The popularity of the four names vary…one of the four was in the top 700 names for 2010, two of the four have never been in the top 1000 names ever, and one of the four was actually in the top 50 names for 2010 (but we really like it and haven’t heard someone named it before so we’re using it anyway!).

10. We wanted both sets of names to be usable by the child – nothing “babyish” sounding. We also like boy names that are obviously for boys and girls names that are obviously for girls. And yes, still “hott guy” or “hott girl” names haha

I’d LOVE to hear some of your guesses! Of course the Blitzen Baby Pool has a spot to guess the first letter of the first name so maybe this will help you with that 🙂

I highly doubt ANYONE will be able to guess the names, but I thought the same thing last time and Katie was able to guess Candler!!! What are your thoughts?

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