Bryant Spear: Behind the Name

Naming our children is something we take pretty seriously. We have a few “rules” we try to follow when naming all of our kids: 1. We don’t name them after relatives, including ourselves. Our reasons… View Post

Tab’s Baby Name Hints!

Zach and I take the baby naming thing pretty seriously. It’s something we talked about even before we were engaged! With our pregnancies we never found out the gender and we never shared any of… View Post

Introducing Tessley Capri!

Prior to going into labor we had a pretty solid plan in place for lines of communication! I asked Mrs. Charlotte to handle contacting out of towners like my dad and Rachael and I asked… View Post

“Leo” Baby Name Hints!

The first question people ask when they find out I’m pregnant is “what are you having?” Once I tell them we are waiting to be surprised, the second question they typically ask is “what names… View Post

Introducing Brittlynn Avery Parker!

Kye, Zach, Brittlynn and I enjoyed a few minutes alone as a family then we had everyone from the waiting room come in. Just like with Kye, we were fighting the clock and wanted our… View Post