BFBN Week: In High Demand

Today’s Babywise Friendly Blogger is Bethany from The Graceful Mom. Her post is about the high demands placed on moms today and how Babywise can help us to not feel overwhelmed! 


This is a post that is PERFECTLY timed for me. I feel pretty overwhelmed myself right now with so many things going on at once for our little family. I agree with Bethany that so much of it has to do with prioritizing and figuring out what is important to me, and what things are less important. I also have to be aware of placing too high of expectations on Zach because then I will be left disappointed and probably feeling more overwhelmed than when I began! As she says: “If I need the floors to be swept before they become icky, nasty…then I should do it…with a happy heart  and not internalize the wishful thinking that my husband should have known that would help me out. You do not necessarily have to lower your demands but they might need to be modified.”

She includes many great resources to help us all learn to lower the high demands we so often place on ourselves! Be sure to check out Bethany’s post today over at The Graceful Mom and check back in tomorrow when I’ll be the blog featured 🙂 I know so many of my friends are expecting babies soon so my post will be about somethings to expect during the first year!

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