BFBN Week Day 4

It’s day four of Babywise Friendly Blog Network week!!! I’m finishing up the week tomorrow so get pumped 😉

Be sure to check out all my fellow Babywise Friendly Network Bloggers! I am so blessed to be considered among such a great group of women who all write fabulous blogs 🙂

Monday: Maureen Monfore, Childwise Chat

Tuesday: Valerie Plowman, Chronicles of a Babywise Mom

Wednesday: Bethany Lynch, The Graceful Mom

Thursday: Rachel Norman, A Mother Far From Home

Friday: Emily Parker, Journey of Parenthood

Today’s post comes from Rachel over at A Mother Far From Home. Rachel is the newest member of the crew and I have loved the opportunity to connect with her! Today she is talking about Finding Time For Yourself Everyday.

This is something that I think is super important and is one of the many benefits of raising children based on Babywise principals. Knowing when my kids will be sleeping allows me also to plan my “me time” every day. Blogging is my biggest source of “me time” and it fulfills me and allows me to still be connected with “Emily!” 

When reading over her list of suggestions about ways to make time for ourselves, I especially liked item #4: Don’t throw the time you have into the black hole. By black hole I mean things that may lead you to say “I just sat down and three hours have gone by for nothing.” I am SO guilty of this!!! I sit down at the computer and get sucked into Facebook. Answering emails. Checking Pinterest. Etc etc. Before I know it the kids are waking up from naps and all my “me time” was completely wasted! It’s SO important to avoid that black hole and I appreciate Rachel for reminding me to stay mindful of that!

What ways do you make time for yourself each day? What activities do you enjoy just for YOU? I wrote a post all about the ways I stay true to Emily and you can read that here! Be sure to check out Rachel’s post today and all the other spotlight bloggers this week 🙂

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