BFBN Week: Babywise is a Great Problem Solver

Today Claire, from My Devising, is the spotlight blogger during our Babywise Friendly Blog Network Week! Continuing with the theme of the benefits of Babywise, Claire is talking about how Babywise is a Great Problem Solver. 

I totally agree that Babywise is a wonderful tool in problem solving with my children. Having structure in their lives makes it pretty easy to figure out what’s wrong if an issue arises. I have been around plenty of mamas with new babies where the baby is crying and it becomes a guessing game as to why. Are they hungry? Are they tired? Babywise illuminates that guessing game for me. I know when they will have full bellies and when they will be sleeping and I don’t have to guess what they need when, and neither do they!

My favorite quote from this post is:  “Babywise doesn’t necessarily give you answers for everything, but it does give you direction for most things.  Babywise is a great resource for problem solving.”

So, so true! Babywise isn’t the problem solver, but it is a guide to make the solution easier to find! I know when my baby cries that it can’t be hunger because they just ate. And it can’t be due to being tired because they just woke from a nap. It narrows down the options of what can be wrong and helps me to be able to solve the issue for them (and for myself!) much quicker and more effectively!

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