BFBN – Teaching a Pre-Toddler to Develop a Positive Attitude

Today is the last day of our week on the subject of attitude! I will never forget the first time Valerie contacted me and asked me to write a guest post for Babywise Friendly Blog Network Week and I’m so excited that we have another new writer joining us for this week! The spotlight today is on Lauren who blogs over at The Military Wife and Mom. I’d never seen her blog before but have spent a good hour going through several of her posts. She’s got GREAT insight and an adorable little boy! 

I love how her post today focuses on the pre-toddler age. So often we think “oh they are too little” when it comes to our pre-toddlers and correction. But that isn’t the case at all! The younger parents start to correct our children, the less correction they need as they get older. I’m a huge fan of never re-parenting and love that she touched on that in this post as well! My favorite idea she mentions is not getting her son up from bedtime until he’s happy! Lauren says “I go into his room, stand by his crib, and wait to pick him up until he is happy and calm. I may sing a song and smile at him, but I don’t pick him up until he is happy. Using this technique, a child begins to learn the logical consequence to being grumpy is staying in his crib, and the logical consequence to having a good attitude is getting out of the crib.” I have NEVER thought of that idea before and it’s something I for sure want to put into practice! 

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