BFBN: Encouraging an Attitude of Adventure

Today continues Babywise Friendly Blog Network Week! Yesterday, I discussed instilling the attitude of appreciation in our children. Today Claire, from My Devising, is our spotlight blogger. She is looking deeper into attitude and how to develop an attitude of adventure. She makes SO many awesome points in this post. I think may favorite is “The truth is, we don’t typically grow an attitude of positivity when everything in our lives is going well.  Our attitudes are tested when the bad stuff hits.” Isn’t that so true?!?! I know personally I used to live my life as a “glass half empty” person. I was pretty negative in my overall attitude and it wasn’t until I did face hardships that I learned to change my attitude and to try to find the good in all situations. If I’d never been tested, I wouldn’t have ever had that opportunity to grow! Be sure to visit My Devising today as well as all the other bloggers this week!

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