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Back in the day I prided myself of always reading the “wise” book that was age appropriate for my child. Well, that’s not the case right now for me! I’m still on Preschoolwise and Kye is actually in the age range for Childwise now. I really appreciate today’s Babywise Friendly Blog Network post from Maureen at Childwise Chat as she discusses the very first principle introduced in Childwise! Something that I have ALWAYS loved about the Babywise series of books is how they are truly focused on the family unit, and this post further shows that emphasis on family!

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Childwise Principle

By Maureen Monfore,

is based on a set of 15 principles that parents can use as the foundation of
their parenting. Each principle will have different applications based on your
family’s needs. But 
despite their different interpretations, each principle is
founded on a strong set of parenting ideals.

Take Childwise principle #1 for example. “Great marriages
make great parents.” Isn’t it interesting that the very first — and perhaps
most important – principle has nothing to do with children?

Ensuring a healthy marriage is all about establishing a
strong foundation for the family. It’s all about giving kids a sense of
security. And security is so important, for children and adults.

When kids are insecure about their family, everything else
is called into question. If a child isn’t sure that dad will always be there,
then who’s to say that mom will be either? Or if mom disrespects dad, why
should kids obey dad? When that security is missing, kids live life on shaky

On the flip side, when our marriages are healthy, our kids
get to see what love should look like. Love isn’t about anger, disrespect,
frustration, or apathy. Love is about kindness and cooperation. And our kids
learn more by watching us than by listening to anything we say. When we have a
healthy, happy marriage, we are modeling this for our kids.

I remember when my kids were toddlers, they would often have
a funny reaction when they saw my husband and I being affectionate. They were
curious, but they also had this happy look on their faces. It was as if they
realized that the world didn’t revolve around them, and they were happier and
more at peace because of it.

So keep that in mind when your kids are around. Don’t be
afraid to show affection in front of them. Hug and kiss your spouse. Set aside
time when your spouse gets home from work. Dance around the kitchen. Be selfish
with your time together. Your kids won’t suffer for it. Let them see and share
in the love that establishes the healthy bond of your family.

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Monfore is a mother of two young boys, a freelance writer, and the author of and the
Live in Harmony with First-Time
. A loyal follower of the teachings of Gary
and Anne Marie Ezzo, she is passionate about teaching children to obey to pave
the way for fun, love, learning, and essential moral development.

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