Benefits of Riding the School Bus: 8 Reasons to Ride the Bus

Around back-to-school time, you tend to see a lot of opinions circulating about school buses. And while bringing up the disadvantages of riding the school bus is totally understandable, what about the benefits of riding the school bus?

First, some real life talk: I have a LOT of “mommy guilt” over the school bus. My hope was to always be able to take my kids to school and pick them up.

But then reality hit and school gets out smack dab in the middle of afternoon nap time.

And we live in an area where a TON of kids get picked up so the car pool line is crazy.

Zach and I talked a lot about it and prayed on it and decided to have our first school-goer (Kye) ride the bus home in the afternoons.

We take the kids every morning but they ride it home after school.

We now have two kids in elementary school along with a preschooler and infant at home.

When we added the new baby to the bunch I quickly realized it wasn’t possible to take the older kids to school in the mornings when my husband has to be at work earlier or is traveling for business.

We have to leave the house at the same time that the baby has to eat!

So now, not only do they ride every afternoon but they also have to ride in the mornings on occasion from time to time.

I love driving my kids to school. I love the quality time to talk. I love the time to pray together. I love beginning our day in a positive way!

But I also know that I’m in a season where that isn’t always possible, and that’s okay.

In my struggling to find my inner peace about the bus I have been pondering over reasons why the bus is a GOOD decision for our kids.

Here are some of the benefits of riding the school bus I’ve come up with:

benefits of riding the school bus

1. Ability to Keep Schedules in Tact

Obviously the reason my kids ride the bus at all is because it’s important to keep the younger children on their schedules and set routines.

Not only that, but with kids at multiple schools I also think it’s unfair for the younger ones to have to spend all their awake time in the car going from school to school and from drop off line to pick up line.

Riding the school bus allows for younger children to enjoy that  quality time at home with Mommy the way the older kids were able to have when they were young.

Keeping the younger kids on their set schedules doesn’t just benefit the younger kids, it also benefits the older ones.

When they get off the bus in the afternoons the younger kids are still sleeping and that gives them uninterrupted time with Mommy to share their days and catch up!

—-> I have lots of thoughts about putting the baby’s schedule as a top priority…you can read my post here!

2. Riding the School Bus is Convenient

One of the other benefits of riding the school bus is that bus most likely picks up your child and drops them off very close to your home.

Our bus stop is literally across the street from our house. I don’t even have to walk to the stop, I just go on our front porch to meet our kids as they run through our yard to greet me each afternoon.

No loading kids up, no rush-rush-rush, no whining or complaining, no having to get myself ready.

It’s 10,000 times easier on me for my kids to ride the bus than it is to take them or pick them up.

How does this benefit my kids? It’s also easier for them.

Just like I don’t have to hear their siblings whine and complain about having to be loaded up in the car, they don’t either.

Just like I don’t have to deal with who gets to pick the song this time, they don’t either.

And let’s keep it real: when Mama is happy everyone is happy and saving me time and energy? Makes me happier 🙂

—–> Here are my tips for getting everyone out the door quicker!

And yes, sometimes the bus is late.

And that can cause some mommy-stress (like one time it was SUPER late on the first day of school and I was kinda freaking out!) but our school district does a great job of contacting parents and letting them know when a change in route or an issue with drop-off or pick-up times arise.

Boy wearing book bag on first day of school - text reads 8 reasons why riding school bus benefits child

3. Riding the School Bus Teaches Responsibility

I am all about teaching my kids independence and responsibly and both are valuable lessons that can be taught by riding the bus.

The kids have to know their bus number and pay attention to which bus they are loading.

They have to make sure they get off at our home and their correct stop.

On the mornings they ride they have to make sure they are out the door in time.

They like that feeling of ownership and when my daughter started kindergarten this last year the bus was the thing she was MOST looking forward to. It was a right of passage into “big kid status.”

4. Provides the Opportunity to be an Example

Yes, I know. Bad stuff can happen on the bus. It does happen. It will happen.

While I am a firm believer in keeping my kids in a bubble for as long as I can, I also know they are called to be IN the world and not OF it and riding the bus is an opportunity for them to set a Godly example for others.

They are able to be leaders in positive behavior and help others to make those good choices too.

They often come home sharing with me about how they reminded other kids on the bus to sit down or obey the rules of the bus driver.

They are able to witness poor choices and understand for themselves the importance and value in choosing to follow rules and instructions.

Yes, bad behavior occurs on the school bus.

Our children are given the choice to join in on breaking the rules on the bus or chose to follow the rules for riding the school bus and set a positive example for their peers.

These opportunities reinforce the lessons we are teaching them in our home.

By riding the bus our children are also introduced to another adult in their daily lives who can have a positive impact on them.

My kids ADORE their bus driver and she does a fabulous job of teaching the kids how to behave on the school bus and does great handling the school bus student management side of things.

She keeps the kids in order on the bus and is a positive influence in the lives of the kids she is in contact with each day!

5. Riding the School Bus Builds Character

How do we learn how to handle conflict unless we are confronted with it?

The bus has not always been smooth sailing for our family.

We have only had two instances at school at all and both have happened on the bus.

And both situations allowed our children to stand up for themselves and each other and to show grace, compassion and forgiveness for the other children involved.

When our daughter had an issue with a little boy on the bus last year our son stood up for his sister.

He let her know she never had to worry about someone messing with her and that he’d always protect her.

This moment was a big one in their relationship and bond and she knows her brother always has her back.

—-> You can read the post I wrote about how my son handled a physical situation on the bus here. 

benefits of riding the school bus

6. Friendships Are Formed on The Bus

We no longer live in the type of world where our kids run outside to play with their neighborhood friends. We don’t go about our days and then yell out the front door when it’s time to come in for dinner.

Our society is much different from when we were growing up as kids. One of the benefits of riding the school bus is that it provides a little bit of our childhood experience for our children.

Since the bus is where other neighborhood kids who go to the same school all gather it’s a great opportunity for our children to get to know the other kids in the neighborhood.

Those moments at the bus stop have provided me the opportunity to get to know my neighbors.

It’s a chance to create bonds and have back a piece of that sense of community that we’re so lacking in our culture today.

Both of my bus riding children have formed close friendships on the bus and their best friends are both ones they’ve met on the bus.

7. But is Riding the School Bus Safe?

I am pretty much as hardcore as they come when it comes to car seat safety.

My 4 year old is still rear facing. My 9 year old is still in a high back booster. My 6 year old is still in a 5 point harness. I’m hardcore.

And when it came to riding the bus I was nervous. Especially the 4 year old riding a school bus.

School buses aren’t even required to have seat belts, let alone car seats! How can safety be one of the benefits of riding a school bus?

I did some research and and found this awesome article from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration regarding school bus safety. 

Did you know that the school bus is actually THE safest vehicle on the road?

Our kids are safer on the bus than they are in our cars.

It’s physically safer for them to ride the bus to and from school rather than us take them!

In fact kids are 70 TIMES more likely to get to school safely on a bus rather than in a car.

—-> Have a child over the age of two? Here are some things to keep in mind regarding keeping them safe in the car

—-> You can also read additional car seat safety tips here

8. The School Bus Allows Freedom and FUN!

Yes, freedom is one of the benefits of riding on the bus.

Our kids are growing up in an extremely structured time during school.

With all the state testing and cutting back of the “fluff stuff” throughout their days there really is less and less FUN when it comes to school.

My kids only get 20 minutes of lunch and about that same amount of time for recess.

When are they supposed to make friends? Laugh? Tell jokes? Play? Be KIDS?

Riding the bus is a chance for making connections and letting loose a little.

Of course there are bus rules and safety regulations and it’s not some free-for-all but it’s an unstructured time which is so rare in their overly-structured days.

Due to our school district rules and the way our bus route is mapped out, my kids are second load riders which means they stay at school for a longer time period to wait until the buses drop off a first load of students and then come back to pick up the second load and take them home.

Not only do my kids enjoy their daily bus ride, but they LOVE the time for second load.

This is when they are typically able to play on the computers or visit with friends and they enjoy this time and it’s really a great transition for them to have after their long school day.

Benefits of Riding the School Bus: Final Thoughts

It can be hard on our mama hearts when we feel conflicted regarding parenting choices.

Is my ideal situation for my kids to ride the bus? No.

Ideally I hope to be at the point someday where I’m able to take them and pick them up each day.

But sometimes we all have to make sacrifices and compromises to be able to benefit the good of the entire family unit. As parents, that’s part of our job!

And riding the bus? Well it’s one compromise that also has many benefits.

Most of all though? My kids LOVE it.

Even when we’ve had a few issues with a few of the kids on their bus, they still ask to ride it and WANT to be on it!

My kids view riding the school bus as a special privilege and a right that they are blessed to have.

Do your kids ride the bus? What are some reasons why they do or don’t?

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  1. Anonymous
    July 26, 2018 / 10:24 am

    Great list. But you forgot one or two: 1. It’s nicer on the environment because less vehicles are on the road and saves you gas. 2. I think this is huge but it’s better for the schools. They are not designed for every parent to drop off and pick up if they offer busses. So it’s less congestion there. And your babies are safe. Those bus drivers have to have training, health physicals and background checks. And I’m not a bus advocate as my kids were only bussed 1 way in kindergarten and had to walk or be driven the rest until 9th grade.I drive to the high school for my job yet my older two liked the bus more most days.

  2. Luke Smith
    June 16, 2022 / 9:52 pm

    I like that you mentioned how riding a school bus could provide a little bit of our childhood experience to our children. My son is about to start attending elementary school and we are thinking if he should take the school bus or not. I heard our local school got good bus hires so my son is most likely in good hands.

  3. Dawn M
    October 26, 2022 / 10:48 pm

    Hmmmmm loved the article!! But wondering about help with another SCHOOL BUS situation:

    My son (3rd grade, age 8) HAS to take a school bus home to his Dads on specific days, and a different school bus home to our home on the other days. Confusing YES.
    So I created a calendar-
    YELLOW days = bus to Dads, and
    RED days = bus to Moms

    Everyone (me, Dad, our son, his teacher) has a copy of the calendar, yet my son still forgets WHICH bus to take on certain days.

    We remind him in the morning, which bus to take hime. And I also remind him if he’s confused to:
    Look at his calendar
    ASK his teacher, or
    ask the bus line AIDS,

    yet it still happens.

    ANY IDEAS—- on how to help resolve the confusion??

    • October 31, 2022 / 11:33 am

      My son is in PreK this year and they have these tags they attach to the handle of their bookbags with bus info – could you have some sort of system where you attach something onto his book bag that lets him know which bus to take that day? that way it’s physically on his bookbag and less likely to be forgotten!

      • Karen
        January 11, 2024 / 10:31 am

        that’s the thought that first came to mind for me too. color specific keychain attached to his school bag or even his pants belt loop maybe even a shoe tag on his shoe laces or something creative that has the specific day/color/bus number for each day.
        something visual he sees throughout the school day or at minimum when getting on the bus from home or from school.

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