Bath-time Boy

This past month has been filled with many firsts (as the loooong month summary showed!). Kye started to splash in the tub and he also out grew his duck tub. I think for the next baby we will start using the duck tub at a younger age. Kye would have enjoyed it much sooner but duh we didn’t have it then! We decided it was time to graduate to the big tub because Kye started to stand up alll the time and it’s obviously not safe for him to do that! He’s done great with the “big boy” tub! He doesn’t try to stand up (yet anyway) and he loves all the space. He plays with his toys and has fun pulling the drain up and watching the water go down it. Haven’t really figured out how to prevent that yet haha! Here are three videos: the first video is Kye splashing in the duck tub, the second video is him exploring the big boy bath and the third video is Kye splashing in the big boy tub! Here are also some pictures of his fun times in the tub!







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  1. Rachael
    December 13, 2009 / 2:02 am

    LOL look at all of that hair!!

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