Backyard Toys

I love blogging but ya know what…I’m not very good at it! My posts are either a TON of words (what can I say I enjoy writing!) and not many pictures or a TON of pictures and not many words. Sorry for that 🙁 This is one of those TON of pictures type posts! Since we have warm weather here so much of the year I really want to make sure Kye has a LOT of toys outside. I think being outside it so healthy for him and it also helps wear him out so he’ll sleep good for us 🙂  

For his birthday we bought him this water table and my dad got him this classic turtle sandbox. They both are the only “backyard” toys we have right now. I plan on getting him a pool to “swim” in at some point (I really want one of those pop-up ones to make it easy on myself and they double as a ball pit too! Here’s the one I like!) but since we’re not sure about our moving situation yet I don’t want to spend money on something like that.  I enjoy spending time in the backyard because I can be wearing whatever and not worry about any neighbors seeing me (oh the perks of a privacy fence…) and Kye likes it too because the dogs are out there with us!  

Here are pictures from Kye’s first time using both the sandbox and the water table! The sandbox was not such a big hit yet. He was kinda scared of the whole thing but I think with time it’ll get better (the age on it was 18 months and up, probably for a reason). But you can tell he LOVES the water table! Such a great purchase 🙂 Enjoy a milllllion pictures:

a cup was the only sand toy I had at the time

not so tasty

trying some more just to make sure

okay time to get out!

checking this whole thing out

taste test 

sweet little feet

he just kept trying to put his face in it, I tell you this kids destined to SWIM

washing those hands

he LOVES the water

i love the serious face


watching the water wheel

concentrating on that sail boat (probably trying to break it)

discovering the cup

he was OBSESSED with drinking the water, here’s a video (as if I didn’t take enough pics)!

he ALWAYS points when he’s in deep thought, so funny

one more splashing one!

Don’t these just make you want to go outside and play??? If they don’t I don’t know what will! They also make me thirsty…

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