36 Weeks Pregnant – 9 Months!

Prayer Request: Before starting off my weekly pregnancy post…I do want to ask for prayers for our family. Mr. Rusty (Zach’s dad) has been having PSA levels that are higher than the normal range. They are at the point now in the process where a biopsy is the next step. He will be having it in a couple weeks so we can have a better idea of what exactly is going on. Of course we are all worried and trying our best to not let those concerns and list of “what ifs” fill our minds. I have always said that the waiting game is SO HARD and it really is! Please pray for Mr. Rusty and that everything with his biopsy will come back fine and that this is just a minor issue with a simple solution. Also pray for our family that we can continue to remain positive and just trust in the Lord’s plan whatever that may be! Of course I will update everyone as we know more…thank you all of always being such amazing prayer warriors πŸ™‚


Baby Growth: At this point in the game Leo is gaining about an ounce of weight a day (which really does make me think about people choosing to be induced early…every day makes a difference in your baby’s weight!!!). Leo is now roughly 6 lbs (the weight of a crenshaw melon) and 18.5 inches long! We are in month 9 people…don’t forget to enter your guesses in the baby pool!!!

My Symptoms: Both last Friday and last Saturday nights I was awake through much of the night. I had bad back pains and a lot of contractions. Friday night I had resolved myself to believing I was actually in labor. It’s strange b/c I have never had that happen at night while sleeping?!?! Usually if I get an issue with my back or if I get contractions, it’s during the day. Part of it makes me think that maybe God is preparing me for a middle of the night delivery. Which if that’s the case I’m in trouble! I probably won’t realize I’m in legit labor until it’ll be too late to make it to the hospital haha. 

Saturday was my last travel experience until after Leo is born. Zach had a work function in St Simons so we decided to go as a family to that event then Zach and I went on to Jekyll just for that night together. It was AMAZING. The family event with the Aflac crew was so fun and the kids had a BLAST and then Zach and I had THE BEST time on our little getaway. It was seriously exactly what we both needed. And it’s amazing how just a little rest and relaxation can completely cure all my symptoms. I haven’t had any super bad back pain since the trip and I just feel SO MUCH better overall! I think a lot of it is mental too b/c I feel more connected to Zach and it’s making me feel better as a whole to feel so great with US πŸ™‚

I mean how can DQ cupcakes and milkshakes not make you feel amazing? πŸ˜‰

I was surprised how well I did with the traveling. I expected the car ride to really be rough on me (it’s about 2 hours to get there and then we came back the next day). It was really all fine though! Saturday was a pretty hard day only because we did the drive, then the Aflac even was all outdoors, then we went straight from there to do a tour of Jekyll Island Club. The tour was great but my body was struggling at that point! One lady on the tour KEPT telling me that she felt miserable just looking at me. Um thanks?!?! It wasn’t too hot, thankfully, and we didn’t do too much walking…but I had to take it easier than I would have liked to have had to!

Sunday we slept in and CHILLED and it was fabulous. 4 hours at the beach just sitting in our chairs and going in the ocean together was perfection. I mean we NEVER get to go to the beach for that long, especially uninterrupted πŸ™‚ I did great with my sunscreen application…but forgot about in between my toes haha. I was FRIED! 

The summer heat is def starting to get to me at this point. Friday night I was THE most miserable I’ve been this entire pregnancy. I’d had a bad day for multiple reasons but then we went to Zach’s parents house for dinner and I had to hear a bunch of comments about how big I look. I don’t get how anyone thinks that’s okay? I mean Mr. Rusty has this thing where he tells pregnant women that they look “swollen up” what the heck?!?! Once we got home I just had a meltdown. I was SO HOT and could NOT get cool. I even tried laying down on our tile floors. Didn’t help. I finally took a COLD shower and it did the trick. I was just so miserable that I was crying and just wanted pregnancy to be OVER. I remember feeling that way with Kye. I got to a point where I tried every trick I could to get him to come on out (not this early of course!) b/c I was just past the point of DONE. With Britt I never, ever felt that way. I truly enjoyed pregnancy the entire time and wasn’t in any rush! I think the summer time though makes this pregnancy the toughest yet for sure. On Monday I was super hot again and the kids and I hit up the pool after naps. After I got out I just literally SAT. I was naked and just sat on the couch haha. I couldn’t move! I felt cool for the first time in ages and did not want to get up and get hot again haha. Of course we then found out that night that our AC was broken! Thankfully they came and fixed it first thing the next morning! 

On Thursday I cleaned the house…which hasn’t happened in much too long. I really paced myself and thought I did great not over doing it! But Friday I started feeling less awesome and noticed my fingers were swelling and such. The heat combined with activity is not good for my symptoms! I had a good bit of contracting and cramping Thursday night even after I felt I had been mindful not to over due it! Zach said he thinks cleaning causes me to get that way b/c I bend so much? I plan to pay someone to deep clean the house sometime around the 15th so my hardcore cleaning is done for awhile πŸ™‚

Zach surprised me with this pick and grab tool! Great gift for a wife in the 9th month of pregnancy!

Prior to this week when people would ask me how I’m feeling I usually wouldn’t be very positive. I know I SHOULD be positive, but it’s been hard for me. This week though? I have a whole new outlook. How can I complain about anything when Ashleigh is going through so much?!?! I have thought about her non-stop this week and keep thinking that she’s as far along as I am in pregnancy, which is hard enough on it’s own, but she’s also battling cancer. I mean I have NO reason to be negative. I am thankful to have the opportunity to be 9 months pregnant, I am thankful for our healthy baby, and I’m thankful to have each day as a blessing from the Lord. Now when someone asks me how I feel it’s EASY to answer “wonderful!” Please continue to pray for Ashleigh and her family!!!

Weight: Dangit. Forgot to weigh AGAIN. I have to remember next week b/c I don’t have too many weeks left of writing these posts!!!

Gender: Kye prayed the other night “Please Lord let me have a new brother.” He has told me that he needs Leo to be a brother because that way when the baby is 3 he can help Kye and Daddy build stuff. Good logic πŸ˜‰ I know he will be head over heals in love if it’s a girl too so it doesn’t concern me that he is so team boy! I do still think boy and I doubt that hunch will change at this point!

Maternity Clothes: I’m enjoying wearing them now. I mean comfort is key πŸ˜‰ It’s funny b/c several larger sizes that I assumed wouldn’t fit…totally do. But knowing the end is near makes me embrace the cuter stuff I have and want to wear it while I still can! 

Movement: This week it picked back up some! This baby has ALWAYS been on my right side but I did have a couple times this week where it was on the left. Hiccups are still happening too. Seeing Carter have the hiccups so much makes me interested to see if Leo will have them a lot too since he or she has had them so much in the womb!

Sleep: Other than Friday and Saturday nights, I slept much better! The night our AC was out I slept upstairs b/c our guest bedroom is FREEZING. I had two comforters and a sheet and was still cold..wheras in our room I always sleep with only the sheet and usually will just wear a sports bra now and am still hot. So strange! I didn’t dream at all this week and have had a hard time falling asleep only since Thursday when we found out Mr. Rusty needs the biopsy. It’s just so scary and it’s hard to not think about it a lot. I naturally am worried, not only for Mr. Rusty but especially for Zach and Mrs. Charlotte. 

Cravings: Saturday night we had a VERY fancy dinner at the Jekyll Island Club and they have award winning shrimp and grits. Omg. AMAZING. Def the best meal I’ve had in a LONG time!!!!

Things Accomplished This Week: Oh guys…we are on the BALL! I got several more meals made. Zach made the last BIG grocery shopping trip! I’ve got the hospital bags almost completely packed. Nursery is as done as it can be until Leo arrives. The playroom, Kye’s room, and Britt’s room are all completed and I took all the pics to do the room reveals on the blog πŸ™‚ I’ve been working on the baby book and am almost done with everything I can do in that. I have snacks for the hospital packed for us, I’m starting on the lists of things I need to remember to pack when in labor. I have booked a couple of our trips for post-baby. We got Sadie groomed so she should still be a decent length when company is coming over to meet the baby. I filed our GaSSO form (Have you heard about this?!?! It’s awesome! You can contribute to the private school of your choice and it comes off what you owe for your GA State Taxes. It goes directly to that school AND you get a tax credit!!!) I have the sibling shirts ready for when Kye and Britt meet their baby brother or sister! Didn’t they turn out adorable??? (Thanks Green Feet Boutique!) 

Another big thing I got accomplished was reading the newest edition of Babywise! I wasn’t sure when/if I’d have the time to read it before Leo arrived. We had the time at the beach Sunday and I figured I’d start it and then read my magazines. Um. Y’all. It’s SUCH a good read that I literally couldn’t put it down! I read the entire thing (and underlined like a crazy woman)!!! It is a LOT different in many ways from the edition I used with Kye and Britt. I’m probably going to reference the new book rather than my old copy but mostly will probably stick with what I already know overall when it comes to Leo. I’m sure I’ll be referencing my own blog ( as well as the chronicles of a baby wise mom blog) a lot too! If you are a baby wise mom and haven’t read the new edition…I do highly recommend picking it up and giving it a read! And if you think you are an anti-babywise mom then I also recommend you read it. It might surprise you πŸ™‚

What I Miss: Of course I wish we could go back in time and not have to have these concerns for Mr. Rusty’s health. You don’t appreciate worry-free times until worry-times come again, ya know? I also miss the beach and our little trip this past weekend…it was just SO FUN that I wish we could go back πŸ™‚ 

Kye also prayed the other night “to help Mommy not be so worthless” hahaha I guess I miss having worth? πŸ˜‰

Best Moments of the Week: This was a GREAT week. It started off so amazing with our little getaway! Zach was SO sweet and thoughtful and planned the tour we went on as well as booked us dinner that night. It was fabulous and romantic and wonderful. I loved our long talks. I loved talking about the future and trips we want to take. I loved taking our TIME and not feeling rushed. I loved every minute of our together time πŸ™‚ 

This week I also did something I didn’t plan to ever do…I took the kids solo to Wild Adventures Splash Park. Originally Crissy was going to meet me but had some stuff come up so I was solo. Y’all. I thought it was gonna be miserable. But it was SO FUN! We had a BLAST! If you’ve ever been to Wild Adventures the only bad part about the whole experience was the walk from the car to the splash park. I do not understand for the life of me why they don’t have a separate entrance. But I didn’t let it get me down! We got there and it all went WONDERFUL! And when we left I just took our time. We even stopped halfway to the car and I bought a thing of cotton candy and we took a break. We survived the experience and even enjoyed it! I was SO PROUD of the kids and how awesome they did with everything and it was truly one of those experiences where I felt like I was Super Mom πŸ™‚

Also this week I FINALLY got a date night with Kye!!! We have so many times that he goes with Zach together and I’m with Britt so it was a MUCH NEEDED night just the two of us! Kye planned the evening so we ate at Steak and Shake…and drank milkshakes. Then we went to The Mix haha. Kid loves some ice cream πŸ™‚ We had some really great talks. I feel like I don’t ask him enough about his feelings on things so I tried to talk to him about some of those deeper type emotions while at dinner. He said he’s not nervous or sad AT ALL about the new baby and is just really, really happy and excited. He is, however, nervous about school. He’s nervous about his teacher and if she will be as nice as his teacher last year and he’s nervous about all the work he will have to do. I’m so glad to know that he’s feeling that way so I can help make sure he does have a positive experience πŸ™‚

Thursday night I had a GNO with Casey and our friend Julie. It was fabulous! Zach and I talked on our trip how I really do need to do more things JUST for ME. I think the more kids you have, the harder it is to take time for yourself. Plus being this pregnant is exhausting and by the time Zach is home from work I don’t even FEEL like going anywhere! I’m SO glad I went Thursday and I really enjoyed getting to know Julie better! It was so fun πŸ™‚

This is the first year since before we even had kids that we were at home for the 4th! We are ALWAYS in St Augustine and ALWAYS spend the 4th with Katie and her family! While we were pretty bummed to miss out on that tradition…we ended up having an awesome, amazing day! We had already decided awhile back to have a pool party and invite the family. With me being this pregnant we just decided to keep it as small and simple as possible. It’s tricky with so much family living so close. Once you invite one person then you feel obligated to invite this one then that one and then before you know it you have 30 people at your house. And hosting for 30 is a lot different than hosting for 8. Haha! So we kept it just to the core family which worked out PERFECTLY! Courtney’s crew was out of town so it was just a small group of us and we all had a great time. The weather was amazing but the together time was even better πŸ™‚ It was just a relaxing day and I think everyone really enjoyed it! We all needed it!

 Of course I’m taking the picture so I’m not in the group shot…and of course Mrs. Charlotte was probably in the kitchen haha even when she’s not the hostess the woman can’t sit down!

(and Carter was sleeping!)


  • Have any of you guys used Evening Primrose Oil? I bought some but Stacy couldn’t remember how many I should take a day? I don’t want to insert them…I want to just take them orally! 
  • Any other things I should be doing or taking to help make labor an easier experience?
  • Anyone local recommend someone who lives near me that may be able to help me get my older kids to and from school? I’m super worried about that all working out! I will pay someone to come sit at my house while the baby sleeps! I’d rather do that than it mess up two naps a day every day for the baby!!! 
  • So when I have this baby I will just magically not have any more back pain? Legit. It’s hard for me to imagine that suddenly my back will feel normal again and I won’t hurt to bend and I won’t weigh like a million pounds. I feel like I’ve been pregnant F-O-R-E-V-E-R

Goals for This Week:

  • We found my exercise/birthing ball and the pin is missing. So I’m ordering a new one. 
  • Finish up with packing bags!
  • I already talked to Jordan and he’s down to be the 1st phone call to come watch the kids when the time comes…I need to confirm with the others on the list!
  • Finish up with updating addresses and print off the address labels for the announcements
  • I need to finish up with Zach’s bday gifts since I really won’t have time to do that once the baby arrives!
  • I also need to do a good bit of blogging so I won’t be mega behind either

Belly Pics! I was festive for the 4th this week πŸ™‚

Notes from Past Pregnancies: I felt like I looked pretty cute this week in my pics. Then I look back at Britt’s pregnancy. And, of course, I looked better. And Kye was so stinkin’ YOUNG and adorable too!!! You can see the post here

You can also see an update from my first pregnancy here

Reading through my post from Britt’s pregnancy I really just don’t have a whole lot in common! But I started reading the one from Kye’s and it is much more similar. My attitude is very much the same of just feeling blah and not even caring that I feel blah! I’m interested to see if I will end up wanting to try tricks to get Leo to come before my due date. I didn’t really try anything with Britt b/c I wasn’t in a hurry to have her. I was so content being pregnant! With Kye I was SO OVER IT. I think pregnancy-wise I might feel over it this time too…but I think knowing how much life changes once baby comes may make me not as quick to try a bunch of tricks to induce labor naturally πŸ˜‰ We’ll see!


  1. Robyn Mullican
    July 5, 2014 / 8:51 pm

    Yes! Amazingly, all of your pains will go away! By the end of my pregnancy with Cooper, literally everything hurt. My back, pelvis, legs, woo-ha, EVERYTHING! But after delivery I was as good as new!

  2. Emily
    July 6, 2014 / 8:46 pm

    The usual dosage for evening primrose oil is 500 mg daily beginning at 36 weeks. If you choose to use it vaginally, you can begin that at 38 weeks. (And you can continue to take the oral dose while also using it against the cervix after 38 weeks.)

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