30 Weeks Pregnant

30 Weeks Yall! 30!!!

Off topic but I know many of my real life friends and family read my blog via my personal Facebook page. I have decided to try out ONLY posting to the BLOG Facebook Page rather than posting to both pages each day. I don’t want to overload people’s newsfeeds with my posts and assume anyone who does enjoy reading the blog will like the Blog Facebook Page πŸ™‚ If you haven’t already here is a link to it so you can be sure to see my posts! I’m not making any plans to go back to double posting, but may if needed in the future! For now though I’ll be sticking to that Facebook page only. Also remember that via that page is the BEST way to reach me if you want a quick response!

Baby Growth: Leo is about 15.7 inches long now and is weighing in at around 3 lbs (about size of large cabbage!).


My Symptoms: Whew. Summer has just officially started and it is HOT. I know this is an embarrassing picture for me to post but it’s one of those things I know I will always remember about this pregnancy. Pretty much as soon as I get home the bra comes off, along with all my clothes. I LIVE in just a sports bra and some tight shorts. SEXXXXY. We have huge picture windows along the entire back side of our house so I know the neighbors are loving this view hahaha.

I finally have some milk leakage! I noticed a little bit out of my left breast and have noticed some spots in my bra, although not enough to justify wearing the pads in there yet.


Zach gave me a massage this week and oh my goodness like is seriously just feels good to be rubbed anywhere. Arm? Bring it on. Ankle? Heavenly. My body is just hurting and aching and tired!


My back still hurts but I’m pretty used to it and am able to work around it pretty well. Getting up from the laying down position is the toughest! Bending over is also still painful, but I think a lot of that is due to the baby being SO LOW. I also have noticed swelling. For the first time my ring isn’t fitting all that well anymore. I know it’s due to salt and that fact that I need to drink more water!


We started off this week celebrating the beginning of summer and also celebrating my Mother’s Day. Last weekend was very busy and we like to devote an entire day to the celebrations so we held out until this past weekend. Unfortunately it got slightly interrupted by lovely pink eye. Kye’s eye had some gunk in it Saturday morning and it only got worse as the day went on and he only got more miserable. For the first time EVER since I’ve been a parent we had to find a place to go over the weekend. We went first thing Sunday morning to our local Youth Care that’s by our hospital. We waited in the parking lot prior to when they opened and, thankfully, were in and out in around 30 min! Poor kid was really struggling and, of course, that afternoon we noticed goop in Britt’s eye too. Thankfully they told me to use the drops for both kids and we were able to catch hers before it got bad at all! Double thankfully, both Zach and I are in the clear from it πŸ™‚

On Monday morning I had my OBGYN visit. Since I knew it was just going to be a quick visit I wanted to bring both kids with me. I know how much they enjoy hearing Leo’s heartbeat and I know how few visits work out to bring them so they came along! I was a tad nervous about Kye feeling up to it but they both did awesome! Everything looked good…my blood pressure was perfect, Stacy said my weight gain is looking good (I’ve gained 20 lbs by their scale, less by my home scale so we will stick with that!), and Leo’s heartbeat was in the 130s. SO low! Britt LOVED hearing it and Stacy let Britt listen to her own heartbeat as well which she also enjoyed (Kye opted not to hear his haha). You can hear Leo’s heartbeat (and see it too I guess haha) in this video!

Monday actually ended up being a crazy insane day. Not only was I dealing with putting eye drops in BOTH kids eyes three times a day, and I took them both to the dr appt, but I also had pet issues to deal with. On Sunday we realized Britt’s bed had been peed on. Zach and I both assumed it was Sadie. She’s our 14 year old dog and we’ve noticed random spots of pee around the house sometimes and have assumed she’s losing bladder control. A couple months ago I actually cleaned up some of her pee and saw blood in it. I had talked to the vet and found out it would cost several hundred dollars to figure out what was going on with her and with her age just decided to wait it out. When we saw the spot on Britt’s bed we again saw blood. I took off the duvet cover and saw the inner duvet had MULTIPLE pee/blood spots on it. I had just washed it a few days prior and it was clean…so I freaked when I saw that Sadie had been peeing that much on my daughters BED. I spent Sunday night trying to think of solutions and even cried thinking that the time had come to put Sadie down πŸ™ I planned to call the vet Monday and discuss my options with them for her. Monday when we got back from the doctor Britt got into trouble and I went into her room to spank her. When I walked in I saw ZEKE (our CAT) in her room having some strange convulsion thing and spraying straight up BLOOD on her floor. So this WHOLE time it hasn’t been Sadie! It’s been ZEKE! I called the vet right away and had to load back up the kids and rush the cat there. I assumed the worst. He’s 10 years old and it’s obviously been going on for awhile now so I figured it was something fatal. They called me within an hour after dropping him off and told me he is stressed. Are you JOKING me!?!?! The cat lives inside and literally chills all day. And he’s stressed?!?! He’s peeing all over the place and I have to clean it up. I had to wash Britt’s comforter like 4 times in a 3 day period. But HE is STRESSED?!?! A couple hundred dollars and some mega expensive prescription cat food later and we had him back home with us. I’ve had to give him an oral antibiotic all week and have done my best to keep Britt’s door closed (kinda hard with a toddler!) yet he’s still peed on it two more times since then. We are at the beach now and I’m giving him this weekend to get over it but if we get home and he pees in her bed again then we will have to find another home for him. Which is super sad b/c he IS a great cat. But my kid’s safety comes first and it’s NOT safe for her to be sleeping in that environment!!!


Anyways…I guess not much of that has to do with pregnancy but being pregnant and dealing with this cat mess has been quite the annoyance!!! SO thankful we didn’t put Sadie to sleep bc it wasn’t even her!!!


I have done a good job, so far, of keeping up with my daily house chores. It really is keeping the house in good shape and makes it easier on me to do a little each day rather than all at once. Now that it’s officially summer I want the kids to be helping too so we officially started chores! Kye has a list (for right now, I hope to have some type of system for him to do it on his own soon!) of one thing to do each day and he LOVES it. He vacuumed his room, the hallway, and the guest bedroom! Makes my life easier and I am allllll about everyone pitching in. We all share our home so we should also all share the responsibility of caring for it!

Wednesday was a pretty emotional day for me. We had Leo’s second 4D ultrasound and it just really made me feel like it’s all so real. Leo looks like a LEGIT baby now!!! I can envision what he or she will look like at birth and I feel so, so much more of a bond with my baby. That night we watched Survivor and I felt hiccups for the first time which was AMAZING. I also got an email from the girl who is making our baby bedding that it’s alllllll finished! She is sending it to us along with the ultrasound that reveals Leo’s gender! Of course we aren’t going to open the package until Leo is here, but it still makes me SO EXCITED!!!! While I’m really, really eager to meet our baby…I am sad to be ending pregnancy. This hasn’t been nearly as easy as a pregnancy as Britt’s was, but I love feeling the kicks (and now hiccups!) and am sad to see this come to an end. I’m also sad to think that I may only get to experience this amazing gift one more time!!! Ugh I could CRY!


Weight: By the dr scale I’ve gained 20 lbs total but by my home scale I’ve gained 18 total so we will stick with my home scale πŸ™‚ Only one pound this week so I feel good about it!


Gender: I have been very, very confident that it’s a boy throughout most of this pregnancy. However, this has been the first week where I’ve questioned my gut boy feeling! Both times we heard the heartbeat it was below 140. Which I know they typically say means boy, but Britt was the one with the lower heartrate whereas Kye’s was higher! I also am feeling a little more comfortable than I was a couple weeks ago and am embracing the way I look and feel and just enjoying pregnancy more. Like I did last pregnancy…which makes me think girl! I think more than either of my past pregnancies that this one is going to be the MOST awesome moment when they tell us it’s a boy or girl. Because I truly, truly don’t care either way. We didn’t care with Kye either but I think we both secretly wanted a son first. With Britt I really did want a girl. But this time? I truly am just SO PUMPED to see what it is and will be overjoyed either way. Plus I think we will be SO surprised either way too! If I had to place a bet, I’d still bet on boy but I’m less sure in that than I was before. I don’t think the ultrasound really helped me lean one way or the other? I think that sweet face would be precious on a girl or a boy!


Maternity Clothes: I’m at a point now where I’m super, mega obviously pregnant and I want to show off the bump and embrace it and enjoy the sweet comments from people while I can! So I am trying to wear things to really enhance the pregnant mama look πŸ˜‰


I did go through all of my nursing bras because we are in St Augustine this weekend and they have an outlet here so I thought I might need to go buy a new one. Um. I have literally TWENTY nursing bras. I think I’m set πŸ˜‰


Movement: After seeing the ultrasound and how Leo was all balled up with his or her knees to his or her chin, it explains why so often it HURTS when I feel the movement. Child is all smushed up on one side and there isn’t a whole lot of room for that to happen! I am LOVING feeling the hiccups and really wish they would have started sooner in pregnancy so I could enjoy them for longer!


Sleep: Pretty tired. Pretty much all the time. I took a nap on Tuesday and it was HEAVENLY. I slept just in the sports bra and shorts and I may wanna start doing that at night b/c I slept awesome for that nap. I get winded easier and more worn out feeling in general. BOTH of our kids didn’t sleep well this week. Which is SO RARE. But I think the pink eye messed them up. So I was up a good bit more than I’m used to but with it being summer now I could also “sleep in” later than normal too (and by “sleep in” I mean that Kye comes down and wakes me up at 7:10 rather than me getting myself up at 6:40).


Cravings: I ate Mexican food again this week! Mrs. Charlotte and I got dinner and it’s where I wanted to go. Salt is def my main craving. But sweets are up there too. Choc milk is yummy (which is common third trimester to crave calcium since the baby is taking so much from me). I also had a random NEED for some root beer?!!? We went to a strawberry farm on Tuesday and on the drive home I actually bought boiled peanuts for the first time ever. And I ate the entire bag myself haha. Told ya…salt is my fav thing right now πŸ˜‰


What I Miss: Sleeping well. Not cleaning up cat pee.


Best Moments of the Week: Celebrating Mother’s Day with my sweet family was wonderful! They planned the best surprises for me! We went to Wild Adventure’s Splash Park and had Aligatu for dinner! It was SO FUN! They also got me the sweetest, most thoughtful gifts and it really made my week! I am truly blessed!!!



Britt loved the splash park!

Dinner at Aligatu! Not only was the food amazing…but the kids even BOTH used chop sticks so well and ate awesome and behaved beautifully. It was a perfect evening!

My goal for this summer is to do (at least) one super fun thing each week. I want to make a LOT of memories with the kids and I know this is the most flexible we will be able to be with their schedules for quite a long time. So Tuesday Casey and I drove the kids about an hour away to a strawberry farm. It was awesome! BEAUTIFUL weather and so, so fun! Leo and Carter enjoyed it too πŸ™‚

Zach and I had our breastfeeding basic class Tuesday night. I know that sounds super silly. Why would we go to a breastfeeding class for our third baby??!?! But we wanted the refresher! We got to the hospital and they had changed the time of the class but didn’t let us know! It was at 4:30 rather than 6 so we missed it! Since Casey and Jordan were already enjoying some quality time with our kids we went on an impromptu dinner date and it was wonderful. Honestly, I think we needed that date much more than we needed the breastfeeding class! It worked out for the best and I’m not too worried about being successful with breastfeeding this time around πŸ˜‰ Plus we got some good quality Casey and Jordan hang out time in after the date which was great too! I told Casey that Carter has his own room at our house (our guest room) so they can still come hang with us once he arrives haha


Of course getting to see our sweet baby was SUCH an amazing blessing from this week! I love this precious face!!!!!!!! I can’t wait to kiss all over it πŸ™‚ You can see all the ultrasound pics here!

Thursday night Mrs. Charlotte and I had some us time which was wonderful. We went shopping (and it took a HUGE concern off my shoulders b/c both of my kids have switched sizes and I was worried about having school clothes for them!) and had dinner together and just enjoyed each other. Not too many people consider their mother in law their friend, but she’s one of my favorite people and I truly do enjoy the time we get to spend together!


This morning we came down to St Augustine! I am SO PUMPED for this trip and it’s already been awesome so far! We usually come down here every year at the 4th of July but had to move it up to Memorial Day for obvious reasons. This is always one of my favorite trips each year and it’s pretty much the last big event we will have as a family of four!!! Can’t believe Leo will be here with us next year (and will be close to a year old when we come…SO CRAZY to think about! I’m sure it’ll fly by!)


Questions/Concerns: I don’t really have any concerns…I am nervous about my foot with the beach this weekend. And I’m nervous about this cat situation. But pregnancy-wise I’m feeling pretty content with where everything is right now!


Goals for this Week:

  • Get nursery painted

  • Make amazing beach memories with my sweet family!

  • Get everything ready for Casey’s shower next weekend

  • Keep up with house chores

  • Get registry stuff all completed

  • Order stuff for nursery

Belly Pics: For my Mother’s Day gift Zach let the kids each pick out some jewelry for me! This earring and necklace set is the one Kye got for me. So sweet and I LOVE IT! Of course my right boob is kinda hogging it haha



Past Pregnancy Notes: Yay! I actually did a legit post this week while pregnant with Kye!!! You can read it here! And it’s CRAZY how 100% the same this pregnancy is to that one. I had gained 18 lbs at this point with him and have gained 18 lbs this time too. Back pain I described as feeling like I need to twist and pop it and it’s the SAME way this time. Stomach even looks the same! And the craving for Taco Bell…hello my Mexican craving this time! Even this week I have noticed swelling issues for the first time (I’m sure the salt intake is to blame) and I noticed it then as well. VERY similar pregnancies in EVERY aspect. Maybe I’m back to being more BOY in my vote now after reading that!!!!


You can read about my 30th week pregnant with Britt here! Since I did post legit belly showing pics all three pregnancies it’s def a good comparison…but I will do a more legit belly pic for this pregnancy next week so we can really compare πŸ™‚ I think my stomach def looks more like Kye’s pregnancy than Britts! I can’t BELIEVE my 36 C bra still fit at this point in pregnancy! My boobs didn’t grow NEARLY as much with her (and it’s why I own so many nursing bras…I had to buy new ones after I had her b/c none of mine from Kye fit b/c they were too big!). It’s also funny how all the maternity clothes didn’t fit well either. I do think I look BEST in smaller sized maternity clothes (the dress from Aligatu is from my friend, Larissa, and is a size small and I LOVE the way it looks on me!) but my stuff from my pregnancy with Kye totally fits cute and the stuff I wore while pregnant with Britt doesn’t look cute on me at ALL. So funny how different things can be!!!


The one thing I am thankful for that isn’t like my last pregnancy is the leg cramps. I haven’t had any issues with that and it was SUPER painful while pregnant with her. I have noticed cramps in my toes and had assumed it was due to my foot issues but seeing that I had foot cramping in the past while pregnant does make me think it’s maybe just a pregnancy thing!

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